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  1. I saw it out of the bedroom window. Here it is on the first loop, probably near Bath. I had a look on http://www.flightradar24.com/ There's a historical feature on there, if you have the inclination. I think it was called 'GLEX'. It showed it heading back North East, before heading South East towards Gatwick. It then looped round and did it all again. We saw it about an hour later, following a very similar track. Decided as it was transfer deadline day, it was a premiership footballer waiting for that multi-million pound deal to be signed.
  2. I'm sure they will. The local daily echo are saying they'll get a mandatory £2m pay-out, which is better than a moldy bag of peanuts.
  3. Here's the answer on Saint's cut from the beeb... "We've been asked how much money Southampton will make from the Gareth Bale transfer. The answer is absolutely nothing. Saints did have a 25% sell-on clause in the deal to sell Bale to Tottenham, but is was renegotiated when the south-coast club were in deep financial trouble. As part of the new deal, Saints got Spurs goalkeeper Tommy Forecast. Daniel Levy is some sort of arch-negotiator."
  4. Downton and Hopback are in there. Great to see them spreading the good word. And I can never resist a go on a Cornish Knocker, or two.
  5. Just the description on their website, tells me I'd love that. "Old Man 4.3%This original dark beer has soft malt notes of coffee and chocolate that combine with a pleasant light hoppiness to create a rich, full tasting Old Ale of times gone by." Right up my street.
  6. Agreed. Absolutely beautiful this evening.Took some shots on this tablet, but they didn't do it justice. Haven't seen colours like that for a while.
  7. I knew it'd be appreciated in here . Everybody that else I've told has been 'really Johnboy, do go on... '.
  8. Just back from CA and I bring news of a great Brewpub in Santa Barbara, that we just happened to stumble upon along the way... http://www.sbbrewco.com/brewery-3/beers/ The brewery is essentially behind the bar and they do 5 glass taster, which is a great idea. Having already had the Blonde, Rincon Red and King Saaz for lunch , they let me swap them out, so from left to right... Gold Coast Wheat, Special Interest (weighing in at 8.9%), Douple IPA, Pacific Pale Ale (my fav) and State Street Stout (also lovely). Elsewhere, a sample of the state side shop bought stuff below...
  9. Having your clothes in lock down for the week before you go on holiday.
  10. Where's that badum tsssh emoticon when you need it.
  11. We always park in between the railway station and the recreation park. Can't remember it being expensive.Don't forget to spend your savings on a pint of piddle.
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    Make us laugh

    "A TV advert in which a spoof rescue team saves "stricken" jars of Marmite from homes where they have been neglected has prompted 278 complaints..." http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-23601215 I know this country is home to tens of thousands of idiots, but how much of a moron do have to be, to complain about an ad for yeast extract.
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    Oh yeah. I remember on holiday in Barbados, we'd had Lasagne as part of an Italian themed buffet one evening. The next morning they'd deep fried the leftovers for brekkie.
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    Yesterday evening's chilli leftovers, between two thickly cut slices of granary bread.
  15. Got stung on Saturday, but it could've been worse as I disturbed a nest whilst digging up spuds. It must have been a young one that got me, as the sting didn't hurt much. They really went for the fork though when I dropped it and ran off.
  16. Building a wood shed at the moment, so I've been singing this all day while screwing.
  17. Here's the plan for slow over rates...Start the clock on the hour. When the hour is up, if fifteen overs haven't been bowled, the captain leaves the field until they have.When the 90th ball has been bowled, bring him back on and start the clock again.Problem gone.
  18. Have fun. I'm stood on the bbq, fishing brolly in hand looking east and I can see the sq rt of b*gger all.
  19. Just catching the very slight edge of that as I type, sat in the garden, Few drops on the laptop,One lonely flash so far.
  20. Blimey, you've had enough excitement. Go and have a lie down. Nothing here. Bit of sun, bit of fluffy cloud. Just about to go in, as the breeze has picked up.
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