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  1. Out Feb '21. Just preordered. Americana... all the way from Newquay. William The Conqueror - Jesus Died a Young Man
  2. Milky Sunshine at Southbourne earlier. Lovely and Sunny in Christchurch ATM.
  3. Got my Easterly to blow smoke away from the neighbours and it's only a day out from the 5th, so I can burn my old fence tonight.. The perfect crime.
  4. Decent frost and a great view of the ISS, as it headed towards the sunrise just after 6:30.
  5. Some really heavy rain overnight. Woke me up a couple of times, but it's rattled through quicker than the BBC forecast that I saw yesterday. Hopefully dry for the next hour, or so before the showers move in.
  6. Yep, I checked the radar before leaving the house at 7:30. Nothing doing. Left the butcher's at 8ish and it was chucking it down. Didn't last long, but it was much darker to the North and West.
  7. Beautiful sunshine and windy, so out in the garden. Clearing ivy and ripping down fence panels. Could do with an easterly at some point, so I can burn it all.
  8. That's some big rain on the way. Not going to get much gardening done this morning. Loving the corner cobwebs in here btw.
  9. We went there yesterday for a beach walk. At Glastonbury now. About to get a soaking.
  10. Bit of a contrast this morning... Off to Porlock Weir for a few days. Wet weather gear is packed.
  11. Dodged the showers earlier, but it's now raining. Off for a week after today. Was hoping for a break in the weather to get away for a few days, but any potential rise in pressure looks too far away. Bit annoying.
  12. 34 European nights a year. Not going to do much for climate change. Just pure greed.
  13. Here we go again... Who would have thunk it. Only a week after being told to Swearing AGAIN off with their 'Top six' forever b*llox.
  14. Not bad out there now. Hazy sunshine. Weekend was a cloudfest. Driving back from Salisbury on Saturday morning, it looked pretty clear towards Purbeck. Yesterday was greenhouse dismantling day. Time for an upgrade, and one that I can actually fit in.
  15. Bit grim out. The weekend was great though. Also saw three Kingfishers in two days. Two locally on the Avon on Friday morning and one on the Stour at Wimborne, on Saturday.
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