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  1. Also check out Sports Team, Squid, Black Midi... The singer went to my college. Way after me, of course. Brock leaver Justin supports The Rolling Stones in Southampton with his band The Vaccines | Brockenhurst College WWW.BROCK.AC.UK Former Brockenhurst College student Justin Young warmed up for rock legends The Rolling Stones with his band The Vaccines at...
  2. @mushymanrob They normally get The Fall comparisons. Missed out on tix for them in Southampton late last year. They'll be in bigger venues next time, if we ever get going again. This is my favourite track from the first album, which is played at a quicker tempo than the version below :
  3. Yep, typical. Just as I'm finishing work to go out for a walk. Darkest it's been all day here to our NE.
  4. Bits and pieces of rain so far today. Arome has the rain pepping up around the New Forest later. We should have been at The Killers @ St Mary's this evening. That would have been typical. 8 weeks of awesome weather in the lead up, for it to break on the day. Anyway... now postponed until next June.
  5. BB Aled from the old Chris Moyles Breakfast show is now, get this, the Head of Radio 1.

    I need a lie down.

  6. We think they're the same pair every year. The female at least is the same. She has a noticeably mottled marking on her face.
  7. I posted these in the nature thread, but I'll include them here too.... Our Blue Tits fledged this morning, but yesterday we set up the camera, as they were building up the courage. BlueTits290520_lq.mp4
  8. Video above was from yesterday. We watched two of them fledge this morning.
  9. Just set up the camera with the remote phone shutter. Went off to sort the drinks and asked the OH to press the button if one of the parents came back. She took this.... I give up.
  10. OH has just got back from an early morning walk at Southbourne with her mate. Well jel. Said it was getting busier when they left at 10am.
  11. It was warm last night. The switch to the summer duvet was completed yesterday and just in the nick of time. Going by the ECM, it looks like we'll squeeze another weekend out of the glorious weather. We'll get through that, then worry about any potential changes later next week.
  12. Cracking day. Plenty of garden jobs done. The wind fell away as the afternoon went on. Calm as you like now.
  13. Ha. Just noticed the 'chimney'. Yeah, I built a brew shed a couple of years ago. Will post some pics next week, when I'm back at my laptop.
  14. Looks like our first shower of the day is about to rattle through. The previous one missed us, but got the Peregrine chicks at the top of the Cathedral. Peregrine Falcon's Live Stream WWW.SALISBURYCATHEDRAL.ORG.UK These powerful birds of prey have made the Cathedral their home.
  15. Yeah, a brew day takes just over 6 hours, from heating the strike water to finishing the cleaning. We enjoy the day more than anything. We started as something to do when our other halfs went out together. This is an excellent book if you like experimenting.... Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher | Waterstones WWW.WATERSTONES.COM Buy Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher from Waterstones today! Click and Collect from your local Waterstones or get FREE UK delivery on orders over £20.
  16. I've also got a couple these as a happy medium. Mine hold 2L and you can condition the beer in them, as the seal is so tight. I can't say that we've brewed anything above 5.5% (A St Austell's Proper Job clone), so I haven't noticed any adverse effects. My mate prefers weaker beers and I'm not fussed either way. Have you got a type of hop that you prefer to use? I like the Kiwi hops. We did a straightforward NZ Pale Ale a couple of years ago that turned out really well... I've been growing cascade and some wild hops in the garden for a few years, which we've been
  17. Yeah, I nailed our rusty bunnies down after that NE'ly. We're going to try to sit out later. It is blowing a bit, but we'll give it a go.
  18. We started bottling, but it was too time consuming. We now use CO2 pressurised corny kegs and a party tap. Each brew day gives us 2 full kegs (1 each) and a few bottles.
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