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  1. Seems to keep picking up over Lyndhurst. Must be all that orographic lift from Bolton's bench.
  2. Ignoring the apps of course, but... The Euro4 does have a little cell popping up over Southampton Water, later this afternoon. We'll see. We've had a few drops already, so a bit more hopeful for today now.
  3. I'm more hopeful for Wednesday, but let's face it with that low anchored off the French coast, we're trying to spot a sock in the washing machine from 30 yards.
  4. Convection to the North West and North East seems to be reaching that bit higher now. Might squeeze a few showers out yet.
  5. Beautiful afternoon. Painted the brew shed earlier. We're now sat under the brolly.
  6. Agree with Andy, Tom. Today's risk is much further North. Who knows later in the week. Ignore the apps is all I would say this week.
  7. I thought that might have been me paddling in the sea near the pier, but we were done and dusted by then. It was lovely. Met our pals at the café and made our West and back. Cloudier as we made our way home, but beautiful again now.
  8. Right, let's see what today brings. Off to Southbourne in a minute for a wander.
  9. You'll be fine. It's just moderate rain here at the mo, but the Arome has it pepping up as it moves North West.
  10. We've just been sent an interesting pic from near Ringwood, on messenger. Paul B (S) just mentioned it on the storm thread. Hopefully it'll get posted here, or on the other thread later. Will link to it if it does. Edit : Paul has just posted it in the storm thread.
  11. Still think the exciting stuff will slide to my South, at least. Would love to be wrong. You're closer though. ?
  12. Been on calls for 2 hours. Just missed everything springing into life. Going outside for a butchers.
  13. Yep, looks like the line around London will go to our North and anything that pops up near the Solent will end up way to our South/South West. I just want some rain for the garden... so tomorrow it is then.
  14. We walked back in a bit of Sunshine earlier which was nice. Breezy, cool and cloudy now. Clear skies breaking out over France and Belgium will hopefully spark things off for some of us later.
  15. SpaceWeather.com -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids SPACEWEATHER.COM RECORD COLD IN THE MESOSPHERE: It's getting cold in the mesosphere. Very cold. "At polar latitudes (60N-80N) temperatures have been breaking 14-year records in the last few days," says Lynn Harvey of the University of Colorado Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics. This development is causing noctilucent clouds (NLCs) to spill out of the Arctic to middle latitudes. The chart in the report is a week old, so don't quite understand th
  16. I checked the Sat image before we went for our walk first thing. It looked clear on there to our West, but I couldn't see any blue sky. Literally in the last 10mins, the Sun is breaking through, but it has been poor today.
  17. Yeah, we're sat watching the clouds trying to build, but not much doing Andy. Unstable looking sky, but not reaching the heights required at the mo. The radar suggests that it's pepping up over the forest now. Convective drops falling now.
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