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  1. Is your wife finishing today Andy? My OH is staggered that her first week off is looking decent. Normally the start of the hols marks the end of the good weather. Not this time. The irony being that we can't go anywhere. Misty first thing here, but that burnt off really quickly. Lovely out there now. Can't wait to knock off at 5pm. ☀️🍺👌
  2. Looks like it pepped up after it passed over here. Not sure that it dropped anything. I'm assuming that big slab of rain exiting Ireland at the moment is forecast to fizzle out later? Could do with a drop.
  3. Walked from West Overcliff to Sandbanks first thing, with the sea lapping at our feet. Warm and clear blue skies. Back home it's 50/50 with cloud cover. Breezier than I expected it would be.
  4. Not the best day for the start of the International Cricket season at the Rose Bowl. Fri, Sat, Sun looking good though, so we'll be alright.
  5. Just started raining. Skip day today. All done just before the rain. I love skip days.
  6. Still sunny here, with ribbons of Accas all around. The breeze however, is now noticeably cooler than of late.
  7. As with most things, I try not to get upset about it and let it lie, but it still drives me nuts.
  8. Cracking spot. Love it down there. Let's hope they take all their rubbish home with them.
  9. We diverted via the airport a couple of weeks ago, just to see the plane park. It's quite a sight.
  10. Ha. We'll be fine next week. Hoping for some decent noctilucent cloud displays next week under clear skies. Just hoping that I can wake up.
  11. This is great... 360 degree. Cloud rolling in though. Stonehenge Skyscape WWW.STONEHENGESKYSCAPE.CO.UK Experience the skies above the iconic stone circle and learn about movements of the sun, moon and planets and the solar alignment at...
  12. Yep, nice evening on the whole and we had fish and chips for lunch at the in-laws. Nothing exciting, but some lovely smooth undulating cloud just moved through.
  13. It should be fine later. Plenty of clear air out to the South West before tonight's front arrives. We're off to sit in the in-laws garden soon, so a poorer early afternoon should cut that down to an hour, or so. Yay!
  14. It's been a nice evening. It was cloudy and breezy for our walk after work, then nice enough to sit out in the Sun for tea, listening to the mighty Saints demolish Norwich. I've come in for the United game, but the OH is still outside. Didn't realise there was rain around, but it was some way away, over Salisbury Plain.
  15. My old chief beer taster in the next village cures his own bacon. He's never given us any, which is why he's no longer my chief beer taster.
  16. I bought a Motorola G5 in 2018. Cheap as chips for the same reason as you (PAYG, mostly on WIFI), except Fortnite. It has been great. And the camera was much better than I was expecting. I've got an iPhone for work, but honestly don't understand why you'd pay a small fortune for something that might do things slightly better.
  17. I'm not so sure now, as the low is due to swing back overnight. So at some point it'll stall and that will be the westernmost extent of any brightness, I guess.
  18. It's moving down the A303 again now. We thought we'd lost sight of it, but it's come closer...
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