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  1. I'm torn between watching the footie, or this. Settled for footie on the radio in the garden. @Andy Bown and Tom, from here it looks like it's edging your way. The height is now towards the front as we're looking at it.
  2. Arome 6Z looks tasty for tomorrow after the messy band of rain has cleared NW.
  3. Hi Nettie, Yeah, this the one that we were watching last night. Andy B was under it. Between 8:45pm and 9:30pm it did this... @Andy Bown Another shot of the storm that got you.
  4. That big mass of rain for overnight tonight is further South on the UKV, than the Arome/Euro4 though isn't it? Might rumble, might not.
  5. You might be OK down your way. We'll be feeding on scraps as usual and watching from afar.
  6. I can see the top rolling, which matches the radar return of slight pulsing shifting down the A303 again, but to my eyes it'll give up soon. If it doesn't, I will.
  7. Sat in bed watching it. That SW edge is still gaining a bit of height, but I will lose interest shortly.
  8. A valiant effort... Excuse the mucky windows. I wasn't going out again.
  9. What a bonkers track. Having waved it off NW in your direction, it bent it's run down the A303 and I'm now still looking at it due West, around Ilchester.
  10. Tom, just messaged you in the regional. Go outside and have a listen.
  11. @Tom dewey likes thunder That cell heading your way is now rumbling away as it leaves here.
  12. Just rain here, but it is picking up a bit now as it moves away. Standard.
  13. We used to go when we were a Brock college in the 90's. Chances were few and far between though.
  14. As long as you took your sledge home and didn't dump it in the car park, like the chavvy Watersiders. (I can say that, I'm Watersider).
  15. Seems to keep picking up over Lyndhurst. Must be all that orographic lift from Bolton's bench.
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