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  1. That's what I'm looking at, but the French end. I reckon (hope) it'll clear through. Although I have got some sawing to do after work, so a bit of cloud might be welcome.
  2. They must be nuts. Not sure how the thought process goes... "Bournemouth is going to be an absolute nightmare today" "So what shall we do?" "Let's go to Bournemouth!"
  3. Should we tell this lot to turn around? There's a load of cloud coming in.
  4. Yep, we got a bit wet walking from M&S back to Culver Street. It had stopped by the time we'd driven to B&Q. Drizzling a bit now.
  5. Nice. I love it when I'm wrong. Edit: OH has now announced that it's too warm for gardening and is requesting outdoor cushions.
  6. The cloud actually looks like it's breaking up a bit here. It also looks like there's more Sunshine down at the Rose Bowl.
  7. I think we're snookered for a while. Hopefully, the clearer slot out West will move in later.
  8. OH has just got back from an early morning walk at Southbourne. Said it was Sunny and quiet down there. Cloudy here. Off work next week. Cannot wait. ☀️
  9. Yep. Not a cloud in the sky now. Listening to the Cup Final, bit of breeze. Great stuff.
  10. Give it 5 mins, we'll be in the Sunshine. Spotted the NHS Spitfire from a distance earlier, as it flew over Alderbury.
  11. And now it's clearing the tip of Cornwall. I'm hopeful for some Sunshine later this evening. Basically the exact opposite of the current METO forecast for Salisbury. It's currently cloudy as.
  12. Didn't have any problems with them, but there were loads. It looked like the lawn was moving at one point. The House Martins, Swifts and Swallows cleaned up, which was great to watch.
  13. Blue skies and Sunshine. And the in-laws are here. Swings and roundabouts.
  14. Our friend found a rubber ring in her garden last week. We're finding icecream boxes and wrappers most mornings on the Avon Valley Path back to Charlton. It's odd, as we're walking down there at 6pm, so it must be after that. Must be the same kids buying them from the Co-op every evening. At least this cr*p weather is keeping them in playing xbox, or whatever it is they do. Thur/Fri this week will be problematic, no doubt.
  15. You'll like this one.... Some kids were camping over in the Downton meadows last night. Packing up in the rain this morning, we watched them bag their rubbish up, then chuck it in the trees. I shouted at them from 70 yards and sent them back to collect it. There is only one way off the island and I was standing on it, so they skulked back to fish it out. Too funny.
  16. Yep, we're getting away with it. Lovely morning. Had a rain alert pop up my phone for 09:57hrs. Not sure what that was about. I can see the cloud out to the West now; but so far, so good.
  17. Looks like the convergence from light winds passing through here, hitting the sea breeze. Seems to tie in with the Sat image.
  18. We're still doing OK here. OH is lounging around outside with her feet up, complaining she's too hot in the Sun.
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