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  1. It passed over here at 5:30ish delivering, from what I could make out, nothing. However, when I walked 2k South to Downton a bit later, there were flakes on the path in the water meadows. Not many, but they were there.
  2. Icicles on the brewshed... ... will be the name of my difficult 2nd album.
  3. It does look like the Radar is on the wind up between me and thee. Nothing doing here at the moment.
  4. Another couple of inches here. Filled in all the gaps nicely. Top stuff.
  5. Remember the radar is b*ggered to our east, so we won't see it coming.
  6. Yep, we're getting texts from Hedge End, Chandler's Ford and Netley. All snow. All good.
  7. The HIRLAM had that heavy bit in the channel intensifying to the North, as it moves West. Possibly not early enough for here, but good for those further West.
  8. Countyfile are in your backyard. And it's snowing!
  9. Pedant. Radar wise, don't worry about anything that looks like it's fading west of Winchester. The station is FUBAR, so it always does that.
  10. Nice one... We were awaiting an update from our easternmost correspondent. Great news!