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  1. jtay

    UEFA Champions League

    Watching the other one. 1-0. Pogba. Great finish.
  2. Yeah, I saw that too. Thursday into Friday also had heavy rain, then thunder and lightning, then the hail that yours shows. Almost worth staying up for. It's gone now though.
  3. Ha. I get you. Yeah, I remember the video. It came on a 2nd PC CD in the box, I think.
  4. They're still going, I think. We went to see these guys a few weeks ago at the Exeter Phoenix. Really good live.
  5. MO forecast has been all kinds of wrong this morning. Grey and drizzling/rain since first thing. Sat24 looks a bit more promising.
  6. The GFS suggests that Sunday might be a bit blowy for us lot, although again worse over the border. Then the possibility of high pressure becoming established after it moves through.
  7. I'm sure the MO app and BBC lunchtime news had us down for a decent enough afternoon, if pretty breezy. ... but it's been horrible. At least the drizzle will dampen the grass seed.
  8. It's on its way... Lovely here and clearing towards you.
  9. Nice one jy. It's been absolutely beautiful here for the last hour, or so. Sunshine, really warm and a nice breeze. Top weekend weather for mid September.
  10. Shane Warne was so last century.
  11. jtay

    England Football Team

    Cheers, but the new Nations League games have gone too. So just as the feel good factor creeps back into the England team, it's whipped away. Bravo FA.
  12. jtay

    England Football Team

    Have ITV lost the rights to show England friendlies too?
  13. Another beaut of a morning. I haven't voted in @DiagonalRedLine's poll yet. Still toying between 'Terrific' and 'Best in Space'