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  1. It came good here from about 5:30pm, so we squeezed in a bbq. Looking good from here on in. Awesome stuff.
  2. You're out in the sticks, so plenty of walks, but well within an hour's drive for Salisbury, Bournemouth, Christchurch etc. The New Forest is not far out to the east, just keep going when you get to Fordingbridge. Burley would be the closest main village. Brock, Beaulieu and Lymo further S/SE. Not sure when the Pigs get released this year, but they're normally up North, around Brook. Monkey World down at Wool would also be good for your daughter. Then the Tank Museum is not far from there. Then S and SE, for Durdle Door, Corfe Castle and Swanage (and the Steam Train in between). The chain ferry to Poole is still down, at least it was a couple of weeks ago when we were there, but Studland on the way to it is a lovely beach if the weather's nice. There's Stourhead to your NW, but it's too early for leaf kicking and the changing colours. Pricey too, as you now have to pay for the dull house visit, as well these days. There's a tap room at Sixpenny Handley brewery, which is close to you, if that's your thing and Ringwood brewery, if you're really keen.
  3. Sat24 showing that we might get a bit of brightness later. I'm hoping to get out in the garden for a couple of hours, before the footie.
  4. And the End of the Road Festival over Cranborne way. Looks like they'll get away with it. A bit breezy and then nippy on Saturday night, but decent enough.
  5. A few drops have fallen to ground level. Nowhere near as is being advertised on the radar.
  6. Horrible Andy, just horrible. I'm off now for 10 days. Hoping for a gradual improvement through next week. Not going anywhere. Going to finish my patio, once and for all.
  7. Have a look to your NW, if you can. Just light rain here, so far, but it's been building up and looks pretty dark to our South/South East. OH is heading to Christchurch for the day. Our friend has texted from there to say bring a raincoat, as they've just got caught in the hail.
  8. Hardly a drop today. Outside all day, which is great. Looks tasty out to the West though now. Last chance this eve...
  9. Dream start from Christian Wade, after his switch from Rugby Union to the NFL. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/american-football/49291121 Was he looking to dive over the line there? That would have been funny.
  10. Ellingham Show cancelled for tommorrow, now. Another one bites the dust.
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