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  1. It's what some people choose to do at the Football. It's not compulsory. It's a shame too, 'cos they missed a good game.
  2. Bunch of scouse lads walking through Salisbury on Saturday morning, obviously taking in a bit of culture on their way to the Bournemouth game... They were trying and failing to get a 'We love you Boris' chant going. Going on his past history with the people of Liverpool, I couldn't work out whether they were too young, too thick, or were being ironic. Let's hope it was the latter, but all of this political rhetoric must legitimise this nastiness for some. I go down to Saints a fair bit, which admittedly is hardly a bear pit, but thankfully we don't have to deal with that kind of rubbish where we sit. If we did, I wouldn't go.
  3. Exactly. Couldn't agree more. Gary Neville said similar. Twitter MOBILE.TWITTER.COM
  4. Saw the delightfully crackers Aldous Harding in Southampton last night. Really good live.
  5. Exhibit A... I think that's my Mum @1:57.
  6. Even their Twitter feed is showing the goals pretty sharpish.
  7. I've got it on the TV app and it's better quality than Now TV and BT Sport when casting. So far, so good. Choice of games too. With sensible pricing, SKY and BT could pack up and go home.
  8. Beautiful down at Sandbanks today. Walked from West Cliff. Chilly breeze on the way back.
  9. Hopefully the last rainy day for a while now. Had the Environment Agency voicemail/email last night about the rising groundwater levels over on Cranbourne Chase and sure enough, the closest field to us was starting to puddle up this morning. Had to chuckle earlier. Bought a chicken breast for the OH's tea on my walk to Downton earlier. Got home and couldn't find it. Called the butcher, who said that he saw me put it in my bag. At 9:30am, there's a knock at the door (we're 1.5 miles from the Butchers) and a lady from Downton had found it in the field a mile away; assumed it was mine and walked up with her dog to return it. A bit muddy, but it was bagged up.
  10. These guys were on with Cerys on 6 yesterday morning and sounding fantastic. New to me, but it turns out that they played the Railway Inn in Winchester last Thursday. Bit of a shame to miss them this time around.
  11. jtay

    Make us laugh

    Got to love Joe Marler. He's crackers.
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