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  1. We were in London last Christmas @Mapantz. I asked my Brother for pub recommedations in Notting Hill, on Christmas Eve. Knowing that I can't stand Christmas, he sent us here. Pillock.
  2. Setting off for Saints v Man U in a minute, so I hope that's it for the rain today. It does look brighter to the West.
  3. Venus, at approx 6:50am was incredible. I've never seen it so big and bright.
  4. Yep, missed me too. Horrible day. Back edge appearing just in time for darkness.
  5. It's changed again Lyn-M, at least it has for here. And it'll change several more times, as it one of those long waving fronts meandering along the South coast. My plan is just to watch the Rugby, then it can do what it likes.
  6. It's incredible the difference being up the top of Lode Hill makes. I was walking back up Gravel Close in Downton at 8:10 and it was just cold rain. I was wondering if I was seeing the odd splodge, but I wouldn't have put money on it. Just got my head down and marched back home. It was horrible.
  7. Cold rain down here. Got soaked earlier. Snow at the office in Stokenchurch apparently.
  8. Too right and just in time for the weekend. This week can do one. Brew Day tomorrow, hopefully in the Sunshine. Our Christmas Chocolate Porter is going on.
  9. We did too, as young lads. That is sad. 'Oooop. We're in!'
  10. Speaking of which, here's the thoughts of the boys and girls from torro... Torro - the UK's Tornado and Storm Research Organisation 2 hrs · TORRO CONVECTIVE DISCUSSION 2018/008 A TORRO CONVECTIVE DISCUSSION has been issued at 17:20 GMT on Friday 9th November 2018 Valid from/until: 17:20 - 03:00 GMT Friday 9th/Saturday 10th November 2018 on for the following regions of the United Kingdom & Ireland: SW, Cent S and SE England Midlands E Anglia SE Wales Channel Is **Note that TCD 007 still in effect for Ireland/N Ireland until 19:00GMT. THREATS Wind gusts to 65mph; isolated tornadoes; isolated CG lightning
  11. Hahaha. Certainly not, @matt111 Same every year, newbies lap it up and nobody learns anything. Very dull.