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  1. Cracking start to the day down here, if you hang out of the bathroom window at 6:45am.
  2. We're down in Rock, so still in the right thread. Haven't seen a proper cloud since we drove through Devon at 1ish.
  3. jtay

    Make us laugh

    This speech is from May 2016 surely? If only... Tells you everything you need to know about him and his ilk.
  4. What fresh hell is this?? From our actual Met Office... The proper one.. in Exeter. 'Gusts will be strong enough to make small trees sway, but it shoudn't blow you over' Jesus...
  5. Off to see Andy Burrows (former Razorlight drummer) tomorrow night at The Joiners in Southampton. He did the soundtrack to the Snowman and the Snowdog too, so I imagine my Mrs and her mate will be in tears for the duration.
  6. This afternoon's front backlit on the way to Downton this evening. And the mist setting in early on the way home.
  7. First BBQ of the year - done. Had to light it before I finished work at 5, so we could eat in daylight.
  8. I sat out on the rubble that will be the new patio, when I get my finger out. It's a nice little Sun trap, so was fine in a T-shirt.
  9. I've just been sitting out there. It's beautiful. Going to have my lunch outside in a bit. ☀️
  10. I can see my house!!!!!!!! Edit : I can't....but the highest bit must be Clearbury??
  11. Hope so, Andy. I'm off next Thur/Fri, so we're away. Haven't booked anything yet, but the ECM looks good for a trip South West at the moment. France and Spain looking lovely today on https://en.sat24.com/en/eu If we could have a bit of that tomorrow and Friday, as the high drifts north, that would be sweet. ☀️
  12. jtay

    Metal Detecting

    Go on @mushymanrob, say it.... please...detecting isn't like it used to be in the good old days.
  13. As vile mornings go, this one really is a rotter. Got soaked this morning and the heavy stuff hadn't even started.
  14. No way... In a dry slot again and the radar is playing up at Dean Hill. Don't care. 😄