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  1. Down at Southbourne before 6am for a walk. Really nice temp, especially in the Sun walking back. Now back for a Coffee, Danish and snooze in the Sunshine.
  2. Nice, have fun. We'll have some days out, but any beach trips will be very early doors. Will keep you posted re: The Goat.
  3. Yep, other half is outside. 90 mins left and I'll be joining her for 9 days. Might try the new look Goat next week, for lunch.
  4. That's what I'm looking at, but the French end. I reckon (hope) it'll clear through. Although I have got some sawing to do after work, so a bit of cloud might be welcome.
  5. They must be nuts. Not sure how the thought process goes... "Bournemouth is going to be an absolute nightmare today" "So what shall we do?" "Let's go to Bournemouth!"
  6. Should we tell this lot to turn around? There's a load of cloud coming in.
  7. Yep, we got a bit wet walking from M&S back to Culver Street. It had stopped by the time we'd driven to B&Q. Drizzling a bit now.
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