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  1. jtay

    World Cup 2018

    The 5 Live commentary option on the Red Button sounds like a great idea, but it's still not in HD and therefore all rather pointless.
  2. jtay

    World Cup 2018

    I suspect that he got a message in his shell-like telling him that it was blatant and that he might like to go and check it for himself. That's the first time that I've seen it used. It's all a bit odd, but if it gets the correct decision when the stakes are this high then it's all good. It does take all the arguing the toss out of the game, which us England fans have thrived on over the years.
  3. Never fear @karlos1983 , normal service should be resumed in the next couple of hours. Albeit, maybe a bit breezy.
  4. I'm sure that your time will come Lauren... then we'll have a field day.
  5. If you want the Sun to come out, go and wash the car. It works every time.
  6. We were down in Southbourne early doors and it was lovely, but you could see what was coming in from the channel. It gradually got worse through the day, as the cloud rolled in, but we're back home now and outside as it's still warm. Yesterday evening was a bonus. It was a cracker.
  7. In my best Alan Partridge voice.... BACK OF THE COLD FRONT!!!! GET IN!!!
  8. Lovely out there this morning. Bit of a breeze and a few Cumulus clouds. Great stuff.
  9. They seem to be shifting in a bit more of an Easterly direction, so you might get caught yourself Lyn-M. Whatever they're doing, the Eastward movement is helping to clear this muck above us, albeit very slowly. Sunshine, convection and a near miss is far more preferable to this rubbish.
  10. You could well be right Tom, as the excitement looks to have shifted North today. At least that's what the Euro4 for 15z is suggesting. Maybe a few showers in the west of our region. I can't say that I'm that bothered, as the weekend approaches. I'd just like to see some sunshine.
  11. Boys and girls out west.... Is it brightening up out there? It looks like some of this muck is trying to shift on Sat24. Admittedly, we've got the most to lose.
  12. Bits and pieces jy, but nothing heavy. It all seemed to fizzle out here then pick up North of Salisbury. Still, we get a bonus evening in the garden now. OH is having lunch at the Yew Tree tomorrow... She was up at the Radnor Arms for lunch today. Life of flippin' Reilly.
  13. When Karlos turns up, we'll know we're in business.