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  1. I’m expecting a stonking run from the GFS. Only to be brought back down to earth by the ECM later on. The Met Office wording certainly more positive mind.
  2. Light snow in Hereford now.
  3. We had 20cms of snow here in December. The best since 91! My parents often mention the 80’s but I can’t even see this cold spell beating our snow cover of just a month ago!
  4. Snowing like crazy here but did turn to rain for a little while
  5. Don’t the lines on the chart mean sleet/snow so I wouldn’t get too excited. It’ll be rain down here from the start I think.
  6. Huge flakes settling on cars and the grass here but I think we are a little to far down to see a full covering
  7. Incredibly heavy snow here now. Very wet snow but the heaviest of the winter so far.....and we had 20cms the other week! We are under a red patch on the radar.
  8. Huge flakes of snow here now in the rain. Good news for the rest of the region as we are just 75m ASL here
  9. Definitely sleet. Feels a lot colder too.
  10. Heavy sleet in Merthyr
  11. 15cm in Hereford now. Can we get to 20cm?
  12. Easily our best snowfall for 15 years or so here. 6 inches and counting.
  13. Yes, we have approx 8-10cms just outside the city centre and still coming down thick and fast.
  14. This is turning in to a once in a couple of decades snowfall here.....
  15. Extremely heavy snow here now. Huge flakes meaning it's probably heading towards very marginal here but if we can keep it as snow then this could be something memorable. Around 6cms already fallen.