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  1. Seems to be a lot more shower activity in the east than predicted?
  2. Snow on and off here but very fine and not settling other than on some pallets across the road!
  3. It'll be the light snow just over Leicester on the radar. The strong east wind blowing it westwards.
  4. Euro4 and Aperge show streamers of snow showers from the east coast to mid Wales.
  5. Heavy sleet here. Unfortunately the flooding situation is dire once again.
  6. An utterly incredible evening here in Hereford. The best storm(s) I’ve ever witnessed.
  7. Suns been out for over an hour now here in Hereford. 26c but extremely humid.
  8. Just got caught in the downpour between Leominster and Worcester. Few rumbles of thunder and torrential rain. Definitely feels thundery with further downpours developing.
  9. 12z GFS reduces overall rainfall by a considerable amount. A welcome run for those recently flooded or am I looking at it wrong?
  10. A good few inches here and I’d say an hour or two of heavy snow to go. Could end up with 5-6 inches here which is good going.
  11. Incredible here. A good covering already although I’m not expecting *much* more. This will be our fourth really good event of this winter/spring. Impressive.
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