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  1. Its nice to get a storm like that once in a while, glad you enjoyed
  2. Do you subscribe to railcam? Nothing here so far in Norfolk but its the warmest night of the year so far in my opinion, not a hint of cold air its gorgeous, an alternative way to play out the rest of my birthday (which has now indeed finished)
  3. Right at the sweet spot, not easy to do normally but fortune favoured you this time alright! ?
  4. Love this too, I'd be stoked after seeing that. The clouds look gnarly, which is perfect ?
  5. That updraft looks lively! Nice capture, I like this just as much as thunder and lightning.
  6. If you mean with the skew-t, then go onto Pivatol weather, go on forecast models for the UK, I think you can look at any of them to click your location for the chart.
  7. Now that's a tasty looking Skew-T if it ever stayed like this (with sounding location and dewpoint temps) EL level nice and high too.. My area in Norwich not looking so favourable at the moment but as it is far out, we know it's likely to change. At least lets hope if and wherever gets to see storms, they stay potent. Edit: I should also add, it is GFS and most certainly that is likely buffed to what it is actually going to be. (the impossible chart)
  8. Sat24 showing the low heading down the coast with a clear slot behind the frontal rain.. lowpressurestorms_2_1.mp4 lowpressurestorms_1.1.mpg.mpeg Weather Europe, Satellite Weather Europe, Weather Forecast, Rainfall, Clouds, Sun in Europe - SAT24.com EN.SAT24.COM Weather Europe, Satellite Weather Europe, Weather Forecast, Rainfall, Clouds, Sun in Europe - SAT24.com
  9. Some thunder heard today over Norwich and a reasonable amount of rain. After that I chased in between 2 cells, 1 heading towards Yarmouth and the other Lowestoft after noticing a cell earlier began to rotate on radar just before it went out to sea in Lowestoft. So I was hoping that these storms behind it would have done the same. The one towards Lowestoft looked reasonable but didn't really get to see anything too noteworthy unfortunately and storms were weakening the further east they got. However, it's nice to see the skies stormy for a change. Some nice cloudscapes. Ended up at Lowestoft then went to Yarmouth and back to Norwich. Edit: another potential storm day tomorrow by the looks of it. Looking forward to what CW's outlook will be.
  10. You never know though, it could move the other way, I know it's tough when you get a few busts etc but it could turn around one time for an epic show!
  11. Yeah, it's too early to make assumptions, enjoy the charts, you can always practice playing out a good scenario when the charts look good even if it doesn't materialise on the day ?
  12. Nice seeing it bubbling up on the rear flank of the storm on the right..
  13. Evil incarnate! ? such a nice day though, hot, sunny. At least we got that rather than drizzle ?
  14. The trouble is now, according to models that theres now an overspread of dry air until it returns overnight. Clouds do keep appearing here but I think the moisture is residual in the lower levels.
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