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  1. Impressive, I'll alert my FB group to it. Some living on the coast might want to have a look out for it.
  2. Yeah definitely have seen the potential for tomorrow and it does look pretty like what id expect from Estofex, Deep Layer Shear is best placed over Ireland when I looked this morning. Looking forward to seeing Convective Weathers take on it.
  3. Definitely see cells on radar taking left turns and right turns. I'm sure some cells will be rotating amongst all that lot.
  4. I'll kick this off with screen grabs and short snap video of the best lightning strike I saw on Thursday evening in Norwich. It came over in 2 separate waves, the second the most violent of the two, with wind gusts, large convective drops and loud thunder including a positive strike (the thunder I got on video). I hope to upload the whole video to YouTube soon. Finally a decent heat breakdown for us that was worth while. Lightning was very frequent. 20190725_221637_1.mp4
  5. Sattelite showing the low approaching, a the cold front and what's ahead of it. screen-recording_20190725-124744_1.mp4
  6. It kicked out a few sferics now, very isolated, clear blue sky everywhere else
  7. Certainly signs are good viewing north of Norwich airport and building.
  8. is it doing the usual lightning on the eastern flank thing that sometimes the main event misses the southeast if its too far east?
  9. Perhaps not that great to go by but my weather app on my phone is suggesting storms tomorrow morning at 6am, Edit: here in Norwich
  10. Just one sudden boom of thunder like it was out of nowhere about half an hour ago and then nothing. Very isolated, short pulse like storms today I think.
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