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  1. Nice one Supacell, I've just subbed you.
  2. I reckon I was seeing it as it was maturing. I enjoyed seeing them in the distance even though I was on the isle seat of the 3. I suspect not many would have realised. Thanks for the info, that is interesting. Haha Lauren.
  3. Was flying to Tenerife today and could see some decent CBs and Turkey towers in the distance that way. Not sure how far you can see from 37000 feet but certainly that way. I guess I was flying over Spain then.
  4. Mexico! My only post on it cause I don't want to bombard this off topic but I love Mexico. When I went in August for 3 weeks 4 years ago. I saw countless storms near and far. During the rainy season in Mexico city there was a thunderstorm nearly every evening I was there, was bizarre looking at the forecast cause it was showing storms every day twice a day. 2 to note, one had frequent cloud to cloud lightning that was really impressive, the other was like a part in war of the worlds, surface based and a CG once every 10 seconds with a real crack of thunder. That was about 3 hours away from the city. The trip was awesome anyway but all those were the icing on the cake. Even thought I saw a funnel from the plane before I'd even got off. Driven by my girlfriend's uncle to our first destination from the airport the first of many storms. Will always remember that trip! I'm glad you got out of it ok, what an experience for you!
  5. Good luck everyone today, those in the forecast area and those who have an outside chance. Stay positive and root for others if luck isn't on your side. Hoping to see some good posts on it today fingers crossed.
  6. Thanks for the reply and confirming my suspicions. I,'ll be sure to check other models when making future predictions.
  7. I saw the potential myself but wasn't sure and only an area in the southwest mainly in the channel but steering winds heading northeast which could move towards the London area but decided not to mention it in case I was wrong. Perhaps looking at more forecast models as well as GFS may have shown a little more for me to have gone on. Happy to see people getting a surprise storm this evening.
  8. Yes indeed, I thought there was a no storms club for that. Like mapantz says I've been enjoying an incredibly lovely summer of heat and sunshine without dreary days.
  9. This year has definitely been eventful. Ok not all of them have been a real show but even being mainly static and not chasing I should think it's coming to double figures if not that already for thunder days. I know of a couple of years were very quiet but I do also remember a year that didn't give me a lot of time to do other things before I had to drop it and chase storms again. I think this area does pretty well for storms in general and at least we do get thunder days here and I'm sure there's people out there that would be more than happy to get the thunder days that we have had or at least a storm with a couple of rumbles in it. I don't think a year has gone past that I wouldnt at least have heard thunder.
  10. Yeah i saw earlier one of the small cells taking a right against the flow on radar and it does look like it's the one you photographed confirming visual rotation in conjunction with the radar.
  11. Ok I have created the radar as it was still in time on the V7. 3 speeds, first 3 with a circle highlighting the area I think indicates rotation (brightest echo taking a right turn also possibly a hook on the southern edge could be it instead?) and the last 3 without in order to not be distracted Radar_of_funnel_Cromer_22-07-17_16_00_-_19_00.mp4
  12. There we go great back up and confirming the date! Thanks guys! Definitely a day/night to remember. I don't have much time right now but I'll dig up everything I can about that night. I think I have radar animation of it too to show the right turn it made.
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