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  1. Anyone got a site that shows snow depths for the recent spell?
  2. Amazing how much colder the chart for the end of March is, I thought they were the wrong way round!
  3. What a lovely few days. Ice day yesterday, more snow at night, and brilliant sunshine today. I much prefer the snowmelt to occur in sunshine than the grey murky cack we had last time!
  4. Have you been up anywhere high in bath like lansdown? Thinking of going there tomorrow
  5. Anyone got a good site for official snow depths, I remember a simple text table on the university of reading site I think but I don't know where it is?
  6. Amazing how it's its melted on roads pavements and paths despite the temp remaining below freezing. Damn mild weather!
  7. 50 members in here at 1:15am not bad! In a few days it won't get above about 5!
  8. OK that makes sense, but this time round wasn't there a cap on convection at quite a low level?
  9. Can anyone answer this, how has this easterly delivered snow less than 24 hours after arrived whereas the last easterly didn't deliver anything meaningful for 3 days?
  10. I had my nearest light go off at midnight but others are still on. Almost covering the road now
  11. They've done worse than sell incomplete jigsaws.