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  1. "Sliders" can be challenging, especially for strong, stable and high pressureve. Conversely, as a slider, the lower flow in the north moves to high pressure. Many examples, including the least weight, low type, and so on. That does not mean that high blood pressure can increase, but the design of "W-E" lines! (not like "e-w control").
  2. Impressive snowfall rates for Northern Scotland.
  3. Does Iceland met still do those ECM charts that show uk?
  4. If the next Friday afternoon is 12 z, BLIZZARD BLIZZARD BLIZZARD will change!
  5. Examples and steps are lower than winter first ... So I think there is a chance to have another goal during the month. Gefs and Eps are updating the stratosphere related to the second part of November 3 and good ideas from Wave 1 are rising briefly in the next few days. This underscores weakened weaknesses and causes stratosphere near Alaska. These include sunflower model and red polar. At the same time, we have a large hole in the North Pacific Ocean and north of the North Atlantic to prepare. Miracles of miraculous use are the finest appearance found in late September and October (ie restoration) and slow movement (second sign, big sign). It is important to look at the amount of cold fever that can be shattered in the northwest.
  6. There is absolutely no certainty with weather modeling, apart from massive investment in super-theres computers simply there are no current means to accurately predict long-term. I think that last winter went strangely smoothly in terms of the longest signal range was winter 2009/2010. I think it is clear that our current core signals are not strong. With this in mind theres more liquid for what we will get and just as we have stronger rules at the time suspected 46 other names to remove some bricks. From a half-glass perspective full if the long-term models prove to be wrong then let's remember that when the weather shows so mild! In a way no idea what might happen in 10 days time is a good thing, then at least you can always hope for something good to turn up. I think it's well documented that background signals are more appropriate than last year. So with this in mind let's see what winter brings.
  7. In undoubtedly the opposition as now, it's usually best not to look at the model a little bit, because it takes time for models to be strengthened when the model changes. Today, as one of these days, where the models have never been shown to be different from that time yesterday, but perhaps the move of more energy could be shifted to the south jet's arm, and the opportunity of a greater the GFS continent says that he is usually interested in feeding the north arm.Sound is like a striped record, but the key force is the tallest, and where he decides his position, because it's a characteristic there is an impact on the magnitude we can see, and therefore the high SE (perhaps very temporarily) or model action is (stay on the gentle side of the polar jet) or the west (we put on the side of the frost in the jet), the ECM suggests the final situation, GFS and the extreme situation, the older models, the first scenario, the possible SE sink, the page that is shorter and less ... more tugnaw in the following, it might be a return here and now.
  8. It's just typical, when the models continue to produce good adjustment on paper produce very upset with the exception of the top GFS, which has a cold may have a bias (although, on the contrary, it may be, ECM was a little warm bias?) Anyway. The trend towards the UK to be on the cold side of the plane, but I've seen more than enough to suggest that the snowfall will be minimal and in most places is also likely to see heavy rain, not anything too dark, but it seems waste me .And I am sure nolvety cold northerly winds, heavy rains will wear off quickly. IMO, we are paying the price for the Sun settled clip before attacked by warm air from middle latitudes when Svalbard and surrounding areas were colder than they are, then it's another story.