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  1. Also heard lots of Geese this morning, something really cool about hearing and seeing them. Definitely a sound that connects to memories and late Autumn / Winter.
  2. Oh my, 21 pages of posts since last logging in. I think Easterlies have strong r with Scottish Regional posts. Great Effort, and easily the best selection of pictures and videos around to represent things.
  3. Not sure why some of these embed and some attach? Either way tremendous full on Beasterly action there...!
  4. Got permission to share this one from the UKV, snow totals out to Wednesday Evening. Good to have the UKV model to review along with the other Hi Res output.. really good close up view of things so will happily shamelessly plug that it is available on Net Weather Extra. The 03z and 15z runs go out to 120 hours, with 00z, 06z, 09z, 12z, 18z and 21z runs which go out to 54 hours. 12z and 15z from today below..
  5. Okay - that's more like it ❄️🌨️🌨️💙 VID_20210208_175210.mp4
  6. So this is what 'I am Groot' - twig / tree - you name it wants to do until Mid-Day tomorrow according to Fax.. Then on radar - it is an interesting one... definitely a split there and cells seeming all for hand brake turns and veering wherever they wish.. I think the Amber area is fair tbh and somewhere could get absolutely pasted if we turn more from the Polystyrene stuff to snow proper. Given what's out there... and intensity firing up a gear - I see reds sneaking in.. time for some sferics perhaps? Lovely view of the UK 🙂 and the one to watch PL c
  7. Spot on Ben.. got it in one. Meanwhile on the ECM by next Monday we get a lower latitude Scandi High... Not to worry, it's soon off on it's travels, definitely something to keep watching. Real deal Easterly still firmly in the mix.
  8. GFS going all in... we might be at this for some time..
  9. Last blob passing through had some proper 'cornflake' flakes mixed in - vs the polystyrene stuff from earlier as per pic. Also just sent these from a friend out at the Eastern end of the Ochils, 450m ASL. That's a 4 foot high fence post..
  10. Things bubbling along nicely in the North Sea... have a nosey at what's in the queue on the 125m image 🙂
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