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  1. Yep, I'm writing this winter off as close but no cigar. Bring on the longer and warmer days!
  2. I don't expect much, if anything tomorrow. If we get anything it's a bonus. I think Thursday has a greater chance but we are at the northern edge of precipitation so won't take much for it to edge away southwards.
  3. Off topic in that I'm not looking at chart specifics, but model wise, does this new IBM model run alongside existing models or is it a replacement for an existing older version? https://venturebeat.com/2019/01/08/ibm-announces-high-precision-weather-model-new-quantum-computer-design-and-enhanced-project-debater/
  4. Latest ICON shows potentially snowy Saturday morning. However too far away to be taken as a given.
  5. I know it's not 100% accurate but there are hundreds of lightning strikes from the Doncaster airport storm. Very impressive.
  6. Look at those rain intensities. Flash flooding must be taking place.
  7. Yes, there is a horse shoe of rain round the area. Guess you are in a dry slot South/ West of finnigley. M18/m180 junction now getting hit.
  8. Intensity of rainfall almost off the chart near Doncaster airport. Loads of lightning too.
  9. Why don't member locations show on mobiles? It would be useful to easily see where people are when reporting storms in their area.
  10. Another storm just South East of Peterborough now electrically active
  11. Are these storms expected to merge / intensify as they move northward? The ones round Lincoln are clumping into one large storm.
  12. Currently 2 active areas of storms producing lightning and torrential rain.
  13. Another spotty shower just North of belper looks to be heading towards Chesterfield. Will this one grow or fade away? Currently looks like its growing.
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