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  1. Can hear distant rumbles now. It looks like the large storm will stick mostly to the east of the M1. It looks like it is on a collision course with York.
  2. More showers a long the line I drew earlier, but also one a little further west that I've circled red Is there scope for more than one round of storms for lucky spots?
  3. Very basic doodle attached... let's see if any more showers form along this line.
  4. It's glorious here in West Yorkshire now after this morning's crud has disappeared. Not a cloud in the sky and getting warmer. 25C and climbing, feeling very close.
  5. The atmosphere is definately trying to produce something. Lots of tiny showers popping up right across central England now.
  6. River Calder has burst it's banks in Mirfield. Some roads are blocked whilst others are drivable but won't be for long (for those that know the area, Newgate under the rail bridge is almost impassable).
  7. Yep, I'm writing this winter off as close but no cigar. Bring on the longer and warmer days!
  8. I don't expect much, if anything tomorrow. If we get anything it's a bonus. I think Thursday has a greater chance but we are at the northern edge of precipitation so won't take much for it to edge away southwards.
  9. Off topic in that I'm not looking at chart specifics, but model wise, does this new IBM model run alongside existing models or is it a replacement for an existing older version? https://venturebeat.com/2019/01/08/ibm-announces-high-precision-weather-model-new-quantum-computer-design-and-enhanced-project-debater/
  10. Latest ICON shows potentially snowy Saturday morning. However too far away to be taken as a given.
  11. I know it's not 100% accurate but there are hundreds of lightning strikes from the Doncaster airport storm. Very impressive.
  12. Look at those rain intensities. Flash flooding must be taking place.
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