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  1. Touch and go weather next week will bring cold rain or slightly milder rain for our parts. Northern Scotland the place to be but even here it will most likely be a slushy mess away from higher ground. Hope I'm wrong and the colder air makes a mockery of the models and trends a lot further south but still early days for wintry hopes.
  2. Not too bad a day after the early morning rain cleared away. Fresher and cooler now, and could be scrape an overnight frost tonight? On other matters, there's only one way to describe the model runs at the moment...
  3. The famous pub run (18z) lifts the gloom with a stunning spell of snowy charts from next midweek onwards. It will be nursing a huge hangover tomorrow though, when faced with a batch of mild south westerly runs again.... or maybe not? Something of a halfway house me thinks.
  4. De-icer needed below freezing first thing, now probably at 0c
  5. Nice for it to be seasonal for a change. Too many recent years November and Decembers have been mild, rain soaked and sodden. Second sunday night frost in a row tonight no doubt after a sunny but chilly day. Temperatures are on the way down. After a brief mild mid-week blip, we could be looking at another cold one next weekend.
  6. This winter's garden path is being laid early folks... Well I scoff but it would be jackpot time if some of the long range forecasts bear fruit... potent northerlies and an heavyweight beasterly all before November bows out. Yes of course it will be watered down to a mere glancing blow, but I have a feeling we might just be a little below average in terms of temperatures for this month. That's all I'm betting on for now...and a small stake at that.
  7. Nice crisp cold November 5th today, after overnight and early morning showers have passed through. The suns out now and for once it feels typical for the time of month. Shame the low level pesky cloud is going to roll in from the west tonight, or we could have a pretty sharp frost, might just scrape it to the east of the region if you are up early tomorrow.
  8. I keep harking back to 2010/11. I'm sure we had falling snow in the years since then (namely Jan 2013), but definitely 2010 we had a few falls over a foot deep...and off course one of the coldest December's on record. It would be nice to get more than a dusting this winter.
  9. Yes I'd happily bank today's fresh, clean cool but sunny weather all winter, if it meant not suffering days like yesterday's mild heavy drizzlefest. Might be a touch of frost early tomorrow before the clouds roll in. Losing that hour of daylight at the end of the day always takes a bit of getting used to.
  10. I think we need to skip forward 24hrs because there's nothing particularly inspiring about the weather today...just a whole lot of dampness around. I'll be glad for the w/end northerly, not because I'm expecting anything remotely wintry here, but at least it will bring in cleaner, fresher air with a chance of sunny skies, instead of leaden thick drabness
  11. Agreed and to add insult to injury Brian's left us a north westerly airstream, so our region will be on the front line for capturing any moisture from the Irish sea, but touch wood maybe a little dryer later in the day. I hope we get a similar setup in mid winter with conditions conducive enough for snow.
  12. What is it with the weather and its obsession to pee it down in the west. I'm sure the forecast was for the heaviest rain to stay on the east of the pens today but it appears to have moved in a north west direction to sit over our region from lunchtime onwards....quite heavy coming home from work. We could have done without it because a mobile westerly pattern is setting up and we'll no doubt cop it then. Could be a wet autumn this year
  13. Fresher day today, we've lost that warm eerie southerly wind, that Ophelia pumped up on its eastern flank. However out of the breeze, and in the sunshine it felt more pleasant and refreshing in the cleaner air. Another more typical Atlantic storm due to visit at the weekend.
  14. Very gusty winds now, trees are going wild with their leaves threatening to leave on mass with every burst of strong wind. The Irish sea must be very choppy now.