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  1. We've had odd bits of wintry showers today, but not been heavy or persistent enough too stick. Still yet to get that dry powdery snow that sticks around for awhile.
  2. A few light rogue wintry showers. Promising flakes of snow in them, but far too light to cause anything but a passing interest. A quick dust off the car before work and unless they come down really heavy it won't cause too many issues.
  3. 4-6hr gap now in the showers before they start to form again early hours of morning, according to BBC weather and looking at the radar they may be right. Should allow the temps to drop but I'm not expecting anything more than another slush fest tomorrow.
  4. Roll on next week's milder weather....I'd rather have slightly warmer rain than this cold sleety mix, we've had over the last two days. Ready for a weather reset now, this north westerly can be consigned to the reject bin.
  5. Woken up by vicious winds... I'll try and attempt to return to slumber
  6. I'm only going off the model thread, and there's a suggestion of the showers more organized and slow moving than Tuesday. Could pay off if we remain on the cold side with regards to temps & dewpoints
  7. Wet snow has now relented...Friday's forecast has took me by surprise, wasn't paying it much attention after yesterday's damp squib but have we got a sequel coming up or will it deliver the white goods?
  8. Yep same situation, wet snow falling as the heaviest precipitation hits, but it's too wet to stick and it won't be long before it passes through.
  9. Definitely rain in the OL8 area. (oooh Norwich equaliser against Chelsea)...
  10. I suppose if I raise my expectations to a lofty level, there might just be a smidgen of a chance of some wintry sleet tonight as the low comes inland, but I don't think it will last long. The BBC have it embedded up to the north and sitting over the north east. Then a fierce cut back of north westerlies as it exits from the east, might give a bit of wintry weather. The Met O have some pretty decent equipment to pinning the short range summantics down, but even they can be thrown a googly every now and again. We'll just have to wait and see what the low does overnight. Who will get the snowy blizzards, who will get the driving rain? The LOW DECIDES!
  11. Yep big disappointment last night a) in the way the temps never seemed to reach a conducive point to turn ice/sleet/slush/hail into fluffy white flakey goodness, and b) how the showers lost a lot of momentum after ganging up over Northern Ireland and flowing over the Irish Sea. Yes as usual the very highest parts have done a little better but upto 200m it's a...... "Slushy Mess" <===== could sum up winter 2017/18 for me if I had to stick a label on it at present from my point of view. More slush on the way tonight presumably?
  12. Still large bands of snow gathering over Northern Ireland and South Scotland heading our way hopefully...but this will probably be when only the night owls are awake through the night. Should make for an interesting rush hour commute tomorrow
  13. Something a bit more substantial now...decent flakes falling driven on by gusty winds.
  14. Hopefully we'll strike it lucky at some point. Still got a covering but needs to be topped up lol