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  1. Not posted for awhile but according to the radar there should be a lively blossoming of heavy showers over my slate roof, but I think it's just slipped by heading west before firing off it's ammo. Cloudy but dry at present. A very nice settled spell of late and agree this weather it just about perfect. Late May...temps in early 20's, with a refreshing breeze every now and again.
  2. Well at least we've got a nice bank holiday weekend coming up. Temperatures in low 20's and hopefully some decent sunny spells. Picnic lunch lined up for Sunday afternoon, hope the forecast holds true.
  3. Awful day today, steady persistent rain and feeling cold. Any threat of snow now will just be uselessly wet and slushy particularly at low level. Monday looking vile for this time of year.
  4. That T&L was a touch south of here but I saw towering dark clouds. Earlier in the day while outdoors on the job one of the heaviest hail showers I've been in descended from the skies. Thankfully it was only 5 minutes of inconvenience.
  5. I stretch to a visit there every other year or so to see the sights and a show at the West End, but I wouldn't want to live there. Far too busy and crowded and of course very, very expensive.
  6. Grey leaden skies with rain knocking on the door (already barged it's way in out to the west)... watching the London Marathon under cloudless warm skies... I wouldn't want to run a marathon today but it will be great for the spectators.
  7. Saw one flash over to the east last night but that was it. Obviously the Yellow Warning was painted a bit too liberally over the North West. One thing is for sure the band of rain now gathering to the west will have no problem covering the area with a nice amount of wetness later this morning. Could do with some rain though.
  8. Strikes a plenty in Southern England and Northern France, the most active area of storm activity in the whole of Europe right now. http://en.blitzortung.org/live_lightning_maps.php?map=12 Hope we join in the fun as the line of instability tracks west to east.
  9. A line of instability just creeping up from the South West....not seeing any shower bubbling up yet over North Wales. Feels muggy now, so fingers crossed a thunderstorm or two overnight will clear out the atmosphere.
  10. Hard to see where these showers are going to pop-up from the radar looks barren at the moment apart from a blob or too into the midlands...but a t-storm tonight will be a great way to end 3 picture perfect warm spring days. Hope we have a few more spells like this before the summer is out.
  11. Mist has cleared, make the most of the sunny start, grey skies and rain to come later and into tomorrow.
  12. Rain was heaviest in the west today, here further east not too bad. It rained on an off until 2pm but it wasn't a deluge. Grey skies now.
  13. Got a few sleety flakes thrown at the window this morning but quickly turned to cold rain for pretty much the majority of the day. Winter is getting a bit long in the tooth now & thankfully some slightly less cold weather looks to be making inroads towards the end of this week.
  14. I'm not buying the snow graphics for the latest BBC Forecast which showed snow all day on Monday. I think they are just covering all bases. I'm hoping the South east shield sets up and keeps the cold rain and sleety crud to the south. All in all a pretty poor outlook this Easter if you've got anything planned outdoors...mmmmm..bit of decorating in order me thinks
  15. It will just be wet slush now, I've gone past the interest for anything wintry, even the fine powdery snow from the mini beast the other week did nothing for me. I want spring now, of course I don't expect to get it anytime soon and cold rain & wind will most likely be on the menu in the next week or two