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  1. Pretty much the same...snowing here...settling too but has a wet/sleety look so don't know if it will be there tomorrow morning. Think temps are slightly above zero at present.
  2. A bit of wet sleet earlier but now rain. Hopefully much better prospects next week although there's still lots of things in the mix which could be hero or zero for the wintry white stuff.
  3. A few rogue showers after this morning's rain.... nothing wintry here but the colder air has set in now & hopefully a frosty start tomorrow. Friday's late rain/ sleet/ snow band will probably run out of steam to be anything noteworthy but hopefully next week we'll have a better chance of something more akin to the time of year.
  4. Colder looks to be quite a safe bet especially so the week after next... snow will of course remain at the mercy of many variables even when it arrives at the here and now. Some potent northerlies/north westerlies showing up in the land of make believe but we'll need lots to go under the bridge before we take any of that seriously.
  5. Sad news about Dianne Oxberry... very sudden & unexpected. Other than the weather she presented other features like inside out & supported charitable causes. My thoughts go out to her family
  6. A very monotonous period of weather watching of late...all grey and no white. A snappy little low will slide around Scotland and into the north sea tomorrow so at least it will stir up the atmosphere and shift the cloud. The really cold weather well out the East.
  7. Incessant drizzle, the kind that doesn't show up much on the radar but can get you feeling damp very quickly if your out in it. Very low light levels, put your cameras away, no award winning pics being taken today. High pressure's in a poor position at the moment, hopefully it will maneuver more 'winter' appropriate in the next few weeks.
  8. Tell me about it... I'm sure the shnafanaker guy said a few days ago that Saturday would be a dry and maybe even sunny day of the weekend.... constant stream of showers after another here....Sunday will just cap off a very poor lead-up to Christmas for doing anything outdoors.
  9. The rain is freezing here...freezing cold that is...no sign of the skating rinks yet probably just as well really. This very rare weather phenomenon stays a little more elusive particularly in this neck of the woods...not sure what it's like up in the highest peaks but roads appear to be okay at the moment.
  10. Initial frontal band knocking on my door....but a more active band quickly pepping up behind it.....still fully expecting lots of wind driven cold rain but might get a slushy flake in a blink and you'll miss it starter.
  11. Not even freezing drizzle? You mean no scenes like this yet...
  12. Radar showing precipitation hitting the shredding block the further east it travels.. almost appears to instantly evaporate into the cold air.... this is the initial weaker band I'm sure there will be more vigorous bands later in the day to cause a few issues as storm Deirdre gets going
  13. Yes wasn't in the slightest bit hopefully of any snow on Saturday but the amber warning for ice/freezing rain could be tricky for those trans pennine routes on Saturday afternoon.
  14. I'll be popping out for a visit to the crimbo markets in a while so i'll take an extra layer...but at least waterproofs shouldn't be needed.
  15. A day without rain and a bit of sunshine...a rare occurrence indeed of late.