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  1. Yes I can vouch for that FH, being just a bit further up on Ashton Road, we've been quite lucky this week with very little rainfall here. Rain now coming from a less usual direction east to west over the pennines, but it's not heavy. I'm sure normal service will resume at some point in the not too distant future and we'll be sitting under a slow moving atlantic weather front that just stays on our side of the hills delivering copious amounts of rainfall....something to look forward to this coming autumn/winter no doubt. I have a feeling a reset in on the cards after a relatively dry period.
  2. A solitary strike as appeared to hit just north west of Manchester.... wonder who the lucky ones were who witnessed that. A small cluster now mustering in the Gtr Mcr area after leaving cheshire.
  3. Could be some interesting pictures coming from the Open Golf practice sessions, some nasty stuff coming in off the Irish Sea... personally speaking I'm fully expecting to miss any of the action this far east. Then fresher weather takes us into a showery setup after Friday's rain band pushes through.
  4. Two decent days coming up to be fair, its cloudy and muggy midlands south, at least we are now in the more refreshing air and decent sunny spells. Ditto tomorrow, and if it turns a bit unsettled towards mid/end of next week, at least it will provided testing conditions for the pro-golfers at next week's Open Championship. We can't have them strolling around with their big long drivers making a mockery of the course....more wind please.
  5. Perfect weather today, long sunny spells, not too hot with temps in low 20's and a nice breeze. Very comfortable for being outdoors, and shouldn't be a problem sleeping overnight.
  6. We've missed out as a region on the thunderstorms today. I'm not surprised, but they really kicked off the other side of the pennines and peak district. It's as though the battalion as crept stealthily through our parts, but then emerged from cover and exploded into action once over the tops of the hills. Still feels muggy though.
  7. Scattered storms seem to be breaking out on the other side of pennines, not sure we'll get anything decent this side. Shame really, it's been almost the perfect build-up with sunny skies leading to decent temperatures.
  8. Strangely it doesn't feel as warm, muggy as I thought it was going to be tonight, considering the temps. Might be a slight easterly breeze in place. Certainly nothing as uncomfortable as a few weeks ago. Fully expecting to miss the isolated t-storm potential tomorrow and fresher conditions to sweep in without too much fuss.
  9. Persistent moderate rain most of the day, just when it appears to wax off, it intensifies again. Radar has the heavier stuff sitting over the eastern hills so it could be worse on the other side of the pennines, but still a filthy miserable excuse of a summer's day.... Good job we're used to it up here.
  10. Yes it looks like there might be a little bit of interest added on to the rain totals tomorrow, for daring to escape the worst of it today. BBC forecasts rain on and off throughout the whole of the 17hrs of daylight. What a waste... but signs of better prospects showing for next week.
  11. We haven't fared to badly to day to be honest, a bit of persistent rain this morning but nothing too heavy and it's very sporadic now. I noticed the yellow warning for rain has been removed by the met office. THe heaviest rain right now is in the south east.
  12. Yes looks like we'll be reverting back to default type summer weather in the next 36-48 hrs... with an appreciable amount of rain to fall. Won't take long for the current theme of 'much needed rain' turns to 'flooding due to sodden ground'. Give it a few weeks.
  13. I was gearing myself up for an all-day drizzlefest according to the BBC weather forecast but it was remarkably dry apart from a very late drizzle shower. Could get quite a bit of rain on Tuesday if that band sinks lower south. Sorry Scotland but I hope you keep it company for most of the day.
  14. A strike just showing in the warrington area, which is the furthest north a lightning strike has shown it's hand from this cluster.
  15. Very rapid development from that cluster of cells just exiting north wales into the cheshire area. Hopefully it keeps it momentum going as it spreads further east.