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  1. It was quite gusty in the early hours, but nothing too alarming, almost a flat calm now. Plenty of showers piling in.
  2. Some thunderclaps to round off a very wet weekend. Not changing gear for the start of next week either.
  3. Ah... the low pressure anchored to the north west, driving frequent self generating heavy showers in off the Irish Sea syndrome. Yes folks, as a region we are well and truly screwed today. Blazing sunshine to the south east. Let's hope in the depths of winter we get a similar situation but heavy snow showers instead of rain. Chance would be a fine thing.
  4. Not been on here much lately.. I think we're in that in between seasons lull - not really monitoring anything sunny, hot because we're in the last dregs of summer, and still too early to think about the colder weather yet. Not looking too shabby for Bank Holiday but we'll be closer to the low pressure in the north west, so not straight forward by any stretch.
  5. Did better than expected today, the rain hasn't really materialised although the skies have darkened over the past few hours. Over in the model thread, you know things are not looking good for the rest of summer, when 16 day plus charts are being pulled out to show signs of optimism.
  6. Our region dodged a bullet today, it's been grim darn sarf, instead of grim up n'orf. I'm sure the tables will turn again at some point (cough*next*week*cough) and we'll at the mercy of relentless rain from the west, but at least today and tomorrow are decent outdoor days.
  7. Not sure how widespread the showers will be today, but they're already starting to sprout up from nothing on the radar. Pretty sure at some point today there will be a downpour in my back garden. At least there will be spells of reasonably warm sunshine in between.
  8. Same here, filthy day. If it was winter if would have gone dark at 4pm and we could safely ignore it, but in the middle of summer to sit and watch (or even worse 'actually be outside in it') constant heavy downpours while there's still plenty of daylight left... you almost feel like you're being robbed of your summer entitlement. No signs of any drastic improvement soon either.
  9. I can see the squall line losing it's lightning potency now on the radar as it tracks to the outskirts of west manchester so it will most likely be only heavy rain on the menu by the time it get's here. Should pass through reasonably quickly too.
  10. No that little cluster was just to my north... but http://en.blitzortung.org/live_lightning_maps.php?map=12 showing quite a blooming of thundery activity even as it comes over land from the west. Should get something from this in next hour or so, unless it breaks up dramatically as it meets the higher ground.
  11. It's taken me by surprise I thought there would be a lull before heavy showers forecasted for tomorrow, but looking at the radar, at least places in the west of the region should get a quickly lively up in the next hour or so.
  12. Yes I can vouch for that FH, being just a bit further up on Ashton Road, we've been quite lucky this week with very little rainfall here. Rain now coming from a less usual direction east to west over the pennines, but it's not heavy. I'm sure normal service will resume at some point in the not too distant future and we'll be sitting under a slow moving atlantic weather front that just stays on our side of the hills delivering copious amounts of rainfall....something to look forward to this coming autumn/winter no doubt. I have a feeling a reset in on the cards after a relatively dry period.
  13. A solitary strike as appeared to hit just north west of Manchester.... wonder who the lucky ones were who witnessed that. A small cluster now mustering in the Gtr Mcr area after leaving cheshire.
  14. Could be some interesting pictures coming from the Open Golf practice sessions, some nasty stuff coming in off the Irish Sea... personally speaking I'm fully expecting to miss any of the action this far east. Then fresher weather takes us into a showery setup after Friday's rain band pushes through.
  15. Two decent days coming up to be fair, its cloudy and muggy midlands south, at least we are now in the more refreshing air and decent sunny spells. Ditto tomorrow, and if it turns a bit unsettled towards mid/end of next week, at least it will provided testing conditions for the pro-golfers at next week's Open Championship. We can't have them strolling around with their big long drivers making a mockery of the course....more wind please.