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  1. The rain didnt' turn out too bad after all. Slow to get here, and we stayed on the fringes of it's western flank. I'll take that, while central and eastern areas are seeing the heavy stuff.
  2. Typical, a few days ago Wednesday's rain was forecast to pay a little visit to the region but scuttle away to affect mainly central/eastern areas. Tomorrow now looking it will stick around for most of the day. There was always going to be payback for that dry spell... let's hope it doesn't add too much interest and spread it out over the next 3 months.
  3. Shame we're into April and most of us are in spring/summer mode now, because the hype would be blazing a hot garden path trail for us to follow, with what the charts are showing for early next week. If only it was January. The ultimate zero hour backtrack this time will probably be more a blessing. I'll expect it will be a keen wind at best, and icy cold rain with slushy deposits reserved for the highest hills. Fingers crossed for an improvement towards the BH weekend.
  4. Part 2 of a glorious weekend, it's a shame the fresher weather will follow this evening, and no doubt being the north west and prone to whatever comes from the north west a few (cold) showers will slap you in the face early next week. Hopefully they'll be few and far between. ...looking ahead; all winter I've not wanted the models to downgrade the holy grail of wintry setups they seem to throw out D+8/10 but now seeing what the GFS has in store for easter I'm in spring mode now so it can go and downgrade all it wants. Sods law it will come true... but it wont' be fluffy flakes of snow... no it will be cold rain... it's always cold rain.
  5. Got away with it so far today, most of the rain out west, esp. north west.
  6. 15:00 and a short, sharp shower has brought to an end the glorious 3 days of warm, sunny weather...and it's looking more mixed now until later in the weekend. Hopefully we could be settling down again next week
  7. It's not often our region is one of the best placed and sheltered for copious amounts of warm sunshine, but along with parts of west/north wales and western scotland we've struck it lucky this weekend. Naturally it won't last, with Tuesday onwards showing more mixed, unsettled spells.
  8. Finally managed to get a few outdoor/exterior bits and pieces sorted with today's faultless weather. Clear sunny skies for start to finish. Warm in the sunshine. Rinse and repeat for tomorrow to cap of a very decent weekend after last week's incessant cold rain.
  9. Horrible last few days for persistent, cold and at times heavy rain. Looking forward to a few dry days ahead and more so at the weekend.
  10. Rain dragged it's heels in clearing the region today, thankfully the fresher, clearer weather has pushed it eastwards and now a few decent sunny hours before sundown.... and it's the first day of astronomical spring Spring Equinox, so hopefully better times ahead.
  11. The sun won't come out here, at least not till after it's gone down...we are further east and the rain and heavy constant drizzle is pepping up in the foothills of the western pennine slopes. The BBC weather website has heavy rain for most of tomorrow, but I thought our region was placed between the front affecting places further south and heavy showers up north. Earlier the TV forecast had us in a nice window between the two. Trust we'll get the rain as per usual.
  12. Yep I think we've all got a smidgen of Irish in us at this time of the year. That'll be my excuse for having a guinness later. ...back to the weather....rain all day, with more to come.
  13. Mmmm not turning out to be a bad day overall, at a coffee shop out in MCR before sampling the st Paddy parade and it feels very springlike when the sun pops out behind the clouds. Poor things a bit shy at this time of the year though, and quickly scuttles back under cloud cover. That said not a bad early march day
  14. This time yesterday I was chilling in low 20's uninterrupted southern Spain sunshine... No surprise to find that north west blighty has turned out the typical weather welcome mat. Cold, wet & stay in-doors. I've gone from Ice cold beer, to hot mug of tea. Naturally the wind has a slight easterly influence just to keep the rain going for longer here. The hills not killing it like it would with snow, just feeding it to sustain the misery.
  15. Weather looks to be going downhill out to the west and no doubt will spread eastwards in the next few hours. I'm off to sunnier climes tomorrow for a week, if I miss a surprise north west snow event then I'll doff my cap to you, but somehow I think I'll just be missing blustery, icy cold rain falling in frequent spells with limited sunshine. When I return I expect it will be a continuation on a theme of wetness. Spring is nowhere near us yet looking at the reliable timeframe.