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  1. A few shafts of sunlight in the last hour but low grey cloud set to be the theme for the next few days with a raw easterly wind...too early to raise the 'snow' radar to even the merest signs of alert but I expect a few sleety grains to be in the mostly cold rain showers that will feed in from the east later tonight and into tomorrow.
  2. Quite happy that most of the 'cold' rain showers have stayed away from my locality today. Apart from some rain early this morning as the cold front pushed through, it's been cold and sunny since then. Could be nippy tonight. Naturally as we advance further into winter and these would be snow showers I'd be very miffed at missing them...but not today.
  3. Instead of a mild and wet Halloween we could be in for something cold and frosty this year...definitely a cooling trend towards next weekend.
  4. Persistent moderate rain here to the east of Manchester... got away with it mostly yesterday...no such luck today.
  5. Escaping the worst of the rain which is heaviest to the west, although still a grotty day with gusty winds and intermittent rain. Tomorrow's now looking more wet for my area.
  6. Today was a throwback to the amazing summer we've just come out of. Lovely clear blue skies and very comfortable temperatures with a nice breeze to boot. Very fleeting though, and the weather will definitely remind us it's nearing mid-October in the run up to the weekend. Gales, lots of rain...a pattern of things to come?
  7. Gloomy here but mostly dry until now... I can just see the radar pepping into life with the slow moving weather front. We'll probably be accommodating it for the rest of today but hope it clears away quickly tomorrow, to at least salvage something of day.
  8. The 'rain' that was suggested to only affect southern parts of the region stuck around here for a few hours this morning. Not particularly heavy but persistent for a time. A clearance now as the rain as finally shoved south, but still quite cool.
  9. You timed your return well... we had deluges of rain the previous two days and only a few days ago the GFS was hinting at a stormy wet Sunday today but thankfully we've struck lucky as the worst of the wet weather is further south.... we shouldn't even get too many of those showers in the west reaching eastern areas of the region today, so all in a good Sunday in store...and a quiet week ahead.
  10. The deluge continues, very heavy rain from about 2pm... looks like it going to last some time yet.
  11. No winds here but persistent torrential rain from 2pm... already a flood warning for Cheshire I expect a few more to crop up before the nights out.
  12. No rain here today, but very gloomy and not much sunshine on offer. A second Sunday washout coming up tomorrow...nature's readdressing the balance after so much nice weekend weather over the summer.
  13. Filthy day...I hate this 'being slap bang on the boundary' between two air masses... it generally means at best lots of cloud or at worst -like today- bucket loads of rain. Looks like we'll have to put up with it for awhile as another trailing weather front plagues our region for the next few days. Hopefully not as wet as today.
  14. One of those days were it's rained for most of the day leaving you thinking the whole country must be getting soaked or at least most of the NW region but after checking radar from 9am it's just been a small conveyor belt of north westerly streamers that have soaked those unfortunate localised areas in their paths....seems to be brightening up a little now though.
  15. The front as stuck here and seems to remain in situ - only pesky light drizzle but hardly an inspiring day after quite a decent sunny start.