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  1. For once we haven't got a shield/dome/shadow from precipitation coming up from the South West...if anything it's getting a little kick as it comes up to higher ground north and north east of Manchester. Nothing of deluge proportions but just enough to laugh in your face for even considering doing anything meaningful outdoors.
  2. Rumble of thunder and an intense spell of heavy rain just now - only lasted 5 minutes but it could ruin a day of anyone who had to misfortune to be out in it. More showers lining up to the west but I doubt they will be as potent as that one just gone.
  3. Radar not much use today...moisture just spawning out to the west ready to dump it's collective load over western up-slopes on a stiff ("at least it's mild" Darren Bett) south westerly airstream.
  4. We are being blessed with one thing at least at the start of this quite unsettled week...a decent sunrise right now. Think that will be as good as it gets though looking at the forecast for the next few days.
  5. Low cloud tops today, only had a quick drive up Huddersfield Road into Scouthead and the hills are shrouded by mist and cloud. Quite atmospheric if it wasn't for the persistent heavy drizzle. Oh well more rain of the usual kind next week....for us western dwellers.
  6. The rain might be have that little bit of a colder feel next week. If it was Dec/Jan it may have even been a tad wintry.
  7. With the atlantic being so sleepy of late (minus a few exceptions) could this winter be the year of 'retrogression'? Could be a cold one if this is the case, but i'm probably getting a little too excited. Metcheck.com - Weather Forecast Discussions - All About Retrogression Expert Meteorologists Analyse Current Weather Situations. WWW.METCHECK.COM Metcheck.com - Weather Forecast Discussions - All About Retrogression Expert Meteorologists Analyse Current Weather Situations.
  8. I'd take 'cold and settled' for November at any chance if was offered. Hopefully followed by 'cold and snowy' for December/Jan. Tomorrow's rain as a yellow warning out...afternoon looking particularly miserable.
  9. Very lucky to lie between two streamers to the North and South of my locality this morning, but here is a steady west to east movement so I suppose I'll catch a shower before too long. Tomorrow showery, Tuesday wet...a settling down from midweek. Silly season starting to show Day after Tomorrow big freezes at Day plus 14.
  10. Slight bit of a lull after a morning of moderate sporadic rain. Appears central/southern England is getting the heavy stuff, but it's not exactly sunbathing weather here. Looks like more rain to come this afternoon/early evening.
  11. Iceland getting in on the act early this year.... wonder if we'll ever experience a winter snow-storm like this from an atlantic low pressure system ever again? Something that starts as snow, stays as snow and ends as snow?
  12. Torrential here in the last two hours, always knew there would be payback for a drier spell and it's delivering in abundance over the past few days, and more to come by the looks of it. Vile...shame it's not snow.
  13. Think we all agree we need a spell of much needed rain. The Lost village is emerging from Haweswater Reservoir due to water levels being so low Incredible images show "lost village" reappear in Lake District reservoir - Manchester Evening News WWW.MANCHESTEREVENINGNEWS.CO.UK Water levels have dropped so much that the "lost village" beneath Haweswater Reservoir is emerging ...but it all depends how long this unsettled spell lasts and if it overstays it's welcome.
  14. Sun finally breaking through here, feels pleasantly warm in it...but we've transitioned from West is Best (most of the summer) to West is the Pest...and if we don't get our fair share of rain (which we probably will next week) then there will always be an abundance of low level cloud, mirk and drizzle with light winds and ever shortening days. Can't remember when we last had a westerly gale....might not have to wait much longer.
  15. Oh well us 'westerners' have had it good recently with a sleep atlantic but looking at late next weeks charts suggests a chilly north westerly could have us wrapped up inside with the Bovril instead of outside on the decking with Iced-Tea. (not that i've ever had Iced-tea)
  16. No fireworks here - in between the action to the East (West Yorkshire) and out to the west. Usually the case with a southerly feed here. A straight westerly or northwesterly piles the showers in one after the other. The ground has been dampened that's about it.
  17. Gloomiest day of the long weekend so far here today. Started off a bit brighter with weak shafts of early sunrise but since clouded over. Sure I saw bits of mizzle floating in the air but still 99.99% dry. Managed to tidy up the garden so it's ready for hibernation in a few months. Late next weekend there could be a chance of rain according to the forecasters.
  18. Yes can't seem to go a day without some form of rain spoiling the day. Light drizzle yesterday and now after a decent start compared to previous days a band of more persistent drizzle/rain is setting up camp in the region. Light levels poor, really does remind me of late October/early Nov.
  19. It's not the best is it, for just past the middle of August. I don't want a near 30c with uncomfortable sleeping nights like that week in July but a fresh 22c with sunny spells wouldn't go amiss. Oh well at least flooding isn't in the news like some August memories of recent years. Hope I haven't tempted fate there. There are a few tropical storms predicted to turn off the US Eastern Seaboard heading into the Atlantic. Let's hope they stay away from Blighty.
  20. Hard to see a break in the train of showers at the moment, they seem to gather momentum as they roll in off the Irish sea. This is a setup which would deliver quite appreciable falls of snow in the hilly areas to the east of the region in winter if the temps/dps were low enough. Sadly it's just heavy rain, and at a time of the year we don't really want it.
  21. Quite the deluge now as the showers have spawned from the Wirral area and grown to dump their payload here....no rumbles or lightning but heavy rain definately a tick in that box. Luckily they have moved out of the Trent Bridge area so cricket and Olympics providing the indoor entertainment.
  22. Heavy showers now after a pause overnight into the early hours. It will probably be one after another for the rest of the day. The heaviest one's are currently further west in the region but they'll probably give most a good downpour at some point today.
  23. Nice start to the day, warm sunshine...shame it's going all downhill later on.
  24. Aye we got to 21c today and it's was almost picture perfect weather for being outdoors. Thankfully the slimmest chance of a late shower hasn't materialised but the odds increase tomorrow and as mentioned Thursday to Saturday looking increasingly wet.
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