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  1. Even more barren here east of Manchester...not a sniff at anything yet... the only good news is that the humid feeling is still in the air. Maybe something will liven up overnight from the south and spread more inland.
  2. Well the forecast looks promising if not the radar at the moment for severe thunderstorms. They'll need to be homegrown and track from a South East to North West trajectory to land here.
  3. Looking like West will be best for higher chance of thunderstorms later today and into the evening...nagging easterly breeze still in situ here, although a blessing with keeping the heat at bay over the weekend. Promising that some homegrown showers have popped up through Bradford/Leeds, so maybe more instability through the week will pop up a few surprises.
  4. Warm and humid feeling today...50/50 split on sunny & cloudy spells...suns blazing as I type now but strangely there are speckled bits of blue on the raindar...
  5. Mod thread is going 'South East' crazy with forecast of temps in low to mid 30's for the next 5 days or more...well unlike the winter when the whiff of a Siberian 'easterly' is being marked out day+16.. I'm not jealous of what they have coming over the next week. It won't be a barrel of laughs up here, but we should avoid the extreme heat and humidity reserved for our Southern fried friends.
  6. Looks like the cooker's being turned on again for the end of next week, we may count our blessings that we reside in the North West away from the intense heat of the South East. If it pans out that way.
  7. Thankfully the rain forecast for yesterday didn't materialise, which was good for the Cricket at Old Trafford. Biblical showers cropped up just to the south, midlands and east. Not too bad a day today, but I don't think the woefully wet forecast for Monday will be too far wrong.
  8. My god Vitamin D free at the point of delivery!....
  9. Quite clammy feeling day today, overcast and mostly dry, but a rogue shower popped through earlier. BBC online not making much of rain tomorrow...mostly light in the morning... Meto Online has it sticking around for most of the day with heavier bursts now and again.
  10. ...and the drizzle seems to persist all day in hilly northern mill towns. So while the national forecast seemed dismissive as bits and pieces of light rain easing away to the south....here it was frequent heavy 'soak-to-the-bones' sheet-drizzle with temps mid-teens at best...yes it feels like we've fast forward to October/November.
  11. Finally something a bit more summery today, long periods of sunshine and decent temps at 21c - I'll take 21 over 31 any day of the week, although 23-24 low humidity and gentle breeze is my preferred sweet spot. The only thing a hot, sweaty 30+ is good for is the potential late evening thunderstorm. A few cloudy blips through this week but mostly dry.
  12. To wash it? Another dreadful mid-summer's day here, rain light to start with has now pepped up in the last hour or so. Thankfully it's set to move south overnight and into tomorrow, but that will no doubt effect the start of tomorrow's 1st test match between England & the Windies (Southampton). It will probably in reality only get going from Friday.
  13. Showers are very fast moving and quite potent now... started off with decent spells of sunshine but frequent showers now back filling from nowhere so if your unlucky like yours truly is right now you get put under a torrential streamer for 20-30 mins. Not a day were you could plan anything outdoors with any reasonable confidence of it staying dry. All the way through 'lockdown' cracking flags with warm sunshine...now we're out of lockdown...rain bouncing off the aforementioned flags.
  14. Thoroughly miserable wet day...the rain virtually non-stop from early morning has fed in to the hills in the south east of the region making it feel more like October instead of June.
  15. Escaping the worst of the rain here at present, but as the low drifts ever so slightly north east during the day the winds will drive in the rain according to the forecasts, although not with the intensity of yesterday showers. Upstairs of house is finally starting to cool down now fresher weather is here.
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