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  1. Rain finally makes it June appearance here. Overnight as well, how considerate it's being.
  2. Nope even Sunday's deluge forecast a few days ago has now been tailed back to an overnight Saturday, early Sunday dampening of the ground. Not overly concerned about lack of rain, as soon as those winds switch back to westerly we will have no shortage of the stuff.
  3. Rain creeping ever closer to eastern fringes of the region. Wonder if we'll see any fall here. Regardless it won't be heavy and thundery like it is in the south east.
  4. Southerners are getting into a frenzied state of excitement in the Storm thread. Can't blame them they looked primed for some interesting incendiary spells of atmospheric calamities through the night. We'll wake up to damp morning. 🙄 Here and now...muggy, warm and sunny.
  5. I see next week's weather app symbols are slowly being turned from the standard (sunny spells/cloud) status to low cloud/light rain...in a few days they'll probably all be changed to 'Heavy Rain'. Oh well...we got a good first half of June in the bank at least.
  6. Crazy light levels at this time of the year, only now nearly 22:30 does it feel the day is drawing to a close and in 5 hours time it will be getting light again. Nice warm feeling day today with plenty of Vitamin D being dished out with a subtle breeze to keep it comfortable outdoors. Not expecting much storm activity here, despite being to the east of the region but I'm sure some rain will fall at some point. So long as it doesn't stick in a rut, I'll welcome it for a few days.
  7. Quite happy the sun didn't go blazin' saddles on us today....a) because it made the couple of hours playing Tennis that bit more tolerable, and b) it would have made tonight feel even more close and humid. It's still 21c here, rather that than the cookhouse of Central London. That said they'll have the best seats in the house for the midweek storm potential. We'll be high up in the Gallery with limited visibility.
  8. Time to get the fan out of storage for the predicted end of week rising humidity, not that it does much good circulating already warm air but better than nothing. What I would give for one of those small but potent storms tracking through the North York moors at present. Just to wet the ground and liven up the vegetation. Then back to sunny spells and warmth would suit me. Doubt we'll get anything falling from the skies here though.
  9. Still clinging onto the bright skies here, although the sun is not as strong as an hour ago, so maybe some milky high cloud as invaded from the south west. Bobby dazzler of an early summers day, still on the right side of marginal with regards to how comfortable the heat feels...nothing energy sapping yet.
  10. Just going for a 'wetting of the ground' here... not sure if Merseyside got any lightning earlier on but all the fun was out west in that area. Feeling warm and a little muggy but no atmospheric fireworks over my vicinity.
  11. Well the start of the day wasn't cloudy, pretty nice sunrise and warming up from a low of only 10c!...but alas I fear the cloud is maybe starting to roll in as forecast. Still the next four days are an early summers dream.
  12. Nearly managed to dodge that showery trough setting up east of the M60 but a lively shower just popped up on it's back-edge...but I'll take 20 minutes of inconvenience to a mainly dry day, than the 2 days of non-stop rain we suffered last week. Thankfully a settling down is on the cards for end of this week and into BHol weekend.
  13. Non stop light to moderate rain for most of the day is now going for the coup de grâce 'hammering-it-down' finale as the low pressure slowly moves east mockingly like a substitute leaving the field of play with his team 1-0 up and only minutes to go.
  14. With the lengthening days and warmer sun, any showery activity can be rescued by a longer sunny evening. Something you don't have chance with in the bleak mid-winter. So decent today and maybe not too bad tomorrow. Thurs/Fri might need an impossible 24hrs of daylight for any salvation to occur.
  15. Forecast was for a sunny start here with possibility of thundery showers later...one's just popped up east of Hadfield from nowhere so hopefully a bit of instability will set a few more off as we enter late afternoon. Glorious sunny start though here.
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