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  1. Some lightning strikes just south of Chester area now on the North Wales/English border, but quite slow moving and localised. Not heard a dicky rumble for over 12 months now, and certainly not seen a decent CG Lightning show for well... years and years. Getting as rare as deep puff powder snow (not slush).
  2. The Meto T Storm warning has already been cancelled for this evening's potential, but there is one remaining from midnight through the whole of Monday. I'm not expecting much in the way of fireworks to be honest... seems like an age ago when we had frequent CG strikes rolling across the skies in the North West. However my worst type of weather is hot, sticky and extreme heat, so in some ways I'm happy not be living in the south east (and more esp. France) for the end next week. Here and now... cloudy skies now with bits of splashes showing up on the radar for western folks. Quite warm though.
  3. Cloudy afternoon after a bright sunny start...the first time it felt like summer this June. Radar meant to be showing a little rain but diddly squat here, and still quite warm.
  4. No rain shadow in today's setup...in fact when the rain arrived from the south east it arrived with quite a downpour....now settled into persistent rain for what could be a wet few days and possible week ahead. Summer on hold.
  5. Not as warm as yesterday, but still very pleasant in the sunshine....tomorrow a further notch down in temps with a nagging easterly breeze and possibility of showers into Saturday.
  6. A few heavy showers today with decent sized hail in the latest downpour, but the eastwards movement has begun as high pressure now reasserts itself from the west so this could be the last of the rain for awhile. Roll on next week... always need the rain but as long as a decent spell of dry weather sits between the two in summer I'm happy.
  7. Storm cluster just reaching Gtr Manchester area now, skies have darkened here. Not sure if we'll get the lightning strikes but a bit of rain will surely fall.
  8. Yes you couldn't put an order out for a more perfect weather setup for Easter Weekend. Good start today, with temps warm but humidity non-existent.....so comfortable and perfect for outdoor activities. The Garden has been tidied up and now a cool refreshing drink is in hand following football.
  9. Still another quite nippy April day only 7c and overcast with occasional sunny spells and a nagging south easterly. Not quite ice cream weather, but it's going to warm up a little through next week and we could have quite a decent Easter weekend in store.
  10. Well we're managing to stay dry in this current phase of weather but being on the northern extent of the showers to the south we're getting fairly strong & gusty easterly winds siphoning down from the pennines....which makes it feel pretty chilly despite the sunshine of today.
  11. Grass frost this morning...1c. Glorious sunshine though so it will soon warm up in the ever strengthening sun
  12. There's still quite a bit of heavy rain to come for the rest of today so those river levels will only get higher...hope serious flooding is avoided. That said it's definitely a drying out week next week and we sure do need it after the past two weeks.
  13. 3 flashes of lightning here too, followed by rumbles of thunder....strong winds whipping up hail stone blizzards!...turned everything white just shame it's not large fluffy white flakes, that would have left a few inches.
  14. Quite a wintry scene now with falling sleet/snow...but as expected it's on the very back edge of this current spell so I'd expect it to be over soon.
  15. Bits of sleety stuff falling in a mainly watery mix. Might scrape some icy flakes later on it's farewell edge, but the hills to the east might get something a bit more wintry.
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