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  1. Typical isn't it... firing up like fireworks on steriods over to the east... but we've got lots of drizzle-laden filth barreling towards us from the west that will no doubt sit over us tomorrow and turn into persistent heavy rain.
  2. Forecast for a max. 28c here today...it's already 27c...could it sneak up to 30c by peak today? Strong sunshine so there's a chance. High cloud from the west will cap temps by tomorrow & week ahead
  3. Forecast: a bit of early morning drizzle to give way to increasingly brighter skies as most of the rain will shift northwards. Reality: Absolutely caning it down
  4. Jeez...days don't come more filthy than this when it comes to weather...non stop persistent rain all day...now getting a renewed injection and bucket it down. Hard to believe it's mid August
  5. Yes had the backdoor open facing East and heard the thunder and saw the lightning flash... strange though according to http://map.blitzortung.org/#11.21/53.532/-2.2087 the touchdown is reported near Birch services and it felt closer than that.
  6. First time this summer that there feels a slight 'coolness' in the air...nothing too kick start the central heating into gear, but just something that makes you look at your jumper for the first time in months. We have the winds from the north west so that must be why, most of this summer although quite wet at times it's felt muggy and warm all the same. Quite taken aback at the Yellow Met Warning for rain this evening too, although I think it's mainly western areas that will be mostly affected by any beefing up of the showers from the Irish sea.
  7. Got away with the showers a little this morning but now that the low has progressed further through the region and the winds switching with more a westerly element, it's setting up a conveyor belt of showers off the Irish sea. More hit than miss now. Thoroughly miserable day for anything outdoors. August is fast becoming an awful month to bank on weather wise.
  8. Convective band of showers just lining up tot he south of the region, will be surprised if a few people don't get a rumble of thunder and a burst of heavy rain in the next hour or so.
  9. It's alright... ^^ this on 28.01.2019 produced only light snizzle for my area and barely left a dusting. The apps are not the best to lean on. We had the heavy rain overnight but since has cleared to quite warm sunny spells... hopefully this will beef up a few thundery showers later. I think the autumnal feel will be tomorrow with the wind.
  10. Something a little sparky as just spawned off to the north of that dying cluster... fingers crossed it might rear up into a beast as it tracks northwards. Very localised though I would have thought.
  11. Kicking off to the west again... and anything that kicks of further south of me, dies a death by the time it reaches here. Sign this one off as a close but no cigar event...not holding out much hope for a thunder bolt & lightning here despite the warning going up to midnight tonight.
  12. All the fireworks so far have appeared mostly to the west of the M60 but a few home-grown thundery showers bubbling up further east now, feels humid and the suns still out here, but not sure for how long.
  13. Looks like they are doing everything they can to stabilise the situation...today's decent weather will help them in their efforts but now Sunday's forecast not looking brilliant....and an unsettled at times week to follow.
  14. Showers much more frequent and 'Torrential' at times here today, now the low has passed by too the north east switching the winds round to the west and we don't have the Peak district hills in the way from a south easterly... still no thunder...but plenty of rain.
  15. Peak district taking a lot of oomph out of these showers as they pass over here... just a spell of moderate rain but no thunder and the radar shows the heavy dark echoes subsiding alot once they get over the hills to the east...completely the opposite to Sunday's rain which fed the moisture and kept in situ for much of the day....bit more lively further north.
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