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  1. Impressive little squall just went through...only lasted a few minutes but it was very gusty with torrential rain being thrown at the windows of the house. Anybody out in that would have been drenched to the skin in under 5 minutes.
  2. A pictorial representation of what it's like scouring the models for any signs of 'winter' related weather at the moment....
  3. ...even the models are not leading us up any garden paths this winter.. (well maybe that one a few weeks ago, which didn't even get to 'slashing the wrists' stage of less than 5 days before the big let-down) but nothing even remotely interesting in terms of 'winter' far into outer reaches of FI...so far I can only pin down that 'frosty' spell/snap a few weeks ago which felt like the time of year it should be. Oh well... let's drown our sorrows in mulled wine & mince pies... it is after all the most 'wonderful' time of the year... (so they say)
  4. Yes such a shame the Streamer of 'shower-after-shower' belt today wasn't snow...we'd have been buried in it. Alas the ground is absolutely saturated around here, large puddles and standing water. Seriously need a dry spell at some point soon.
  5. Aye rain doesn't get much colder than this without being sleet...awful day now. I'm sure there might be a bit of wintryness up in the high hills. Possibly more on Sat night but lower levels maybe just a slushy mix at best...roll on the next beasterly
  6. Squall line went through 20 minutes ago, bit of a letdown compared to other 'squalls' I have witnessed over the years. A little blowy and a bit wet...but nothing to extreme. Hopefully a colder burst of weather over the next few days, minus a blip on Thurs... with gusty showers that may or may not produce... wet sleet here.
  7. Yet another ground frost this morning, think that's 4 in a row...the milder westerly yet to influence the air temps yet, but it's on it's way, with a bit of unwelcome rain no doubt
  8. Another lovely, frosty sunny & DRY!!!.... start to the day. Will be making the most of the outdoor weather, because as soon as those winds switch to the North West our regions are bullseye on the map for frequent visits of cold *sleety* rain.... can't see any fluffy white settling snow from these polar maritime setups until we get later in the season and hopefully mix in some Arctic Maritime air mass.
  9. If anything the strongest gusts this autumn feel like they've come from the east/south east...low and behold we have another setup this evening into tomorrow as the winds come from the east ahead of the weather front moving up from the south.
  10. UK snow warning: Britain to be ENGULFED in brutal snow storms – new maps issued | Weather | News | Express.co.uk WWW.EXPRESS.CO.UK BRITAIN is facing a colossal weather bomb that in a matter of days will bring brutal snow storms to the entire UK along with sub-zero chills which could paralyse the nation. Well at least they linked to Netweather TV....but still a little too much excitement expressed in their descriptive narrative of a bit of seasonal weather on the way.
  11. 'potent' northerly keeps showing up on some models for end of November but will probably be toned down to a 'glancing blow' by the time we reach that point, if anything at all. Next week a little milder and damper for a time but hopefully not the rainfall amounts we've had through the early part of November.
  12. BBC app showing a lot of mostly dry weather (after this morning's pesky showers scuttle off) until this time next week...not completely reliable of course due to reactive 'real-time' updates but we could be favoured to at least dry out a bit after a wet start to November....other parts of the UK not so lucky.
  13. Steady rain for most of the day here, but nothing 'biblical' like what's happening 30 odd miles or so east aka Sheffield.
  14. Rain band still pepping up from the east, areas currently under heavy rain unfortunately look like they could have it for awhile yet before it clears southwards overnight.
  15. Yes rain lashing it down here now, both intensity & wind have picked up to lay it down with a vengeance. Yes I'm sure if it had been snow forecast it would have had difficulty tracking over the peaks & pens that rain seems to have no problem sailing over.
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