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  1. Interesting this morning here watching the low cloud moving quickly west whilst the very high cloud was moving slowly east.
  2. Yes @MJB looking like a good 10-20cm for most hopefully by Thursday
  3. Yes the radar does look a lot more dramatic than their precipitation map! They showed this too, so I assume the warm air will ruin any chances of it settling?
  4. Looks like a band of sleet/snow on the way... not sure if it'll fizzle out before it reaches us. Looking at that forecast perhaps not?
  5. It's clear sky here now, so temp dropping nicely. Hopefully getting the snowboard out the attic won't jinx it!
  6. Meteovista seem to always be on the money - all the hype on here about cold and snow last week for this weekend didn't show at all on their forecasts. According to their website (translated from Dutch): MeteoVista uses multiple weather models in combination with a MOS technique. Weather models calculate by means of physical processes, for a certain period, the state of the atmosphere. There are models that do this for the world and models that do this for a certain region, such as Western Europe. The expectation of Meteovista is achieved by use of both global and regional weather mod
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