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  1. In our case though, Farmers are extactic because they are all able to now harvest wheat crop in what has been a terrible start to the year with months worth of flooding
  2. Humidity is higher in North Kent, so it doesn't feel so great here
  3. Bunch of bell end forecasters, it was never meant to rain all *** day! Started at 1 and it's still raining now . One reason I hardly watch them anymore
  4. Cloudy and a bit of a breeze this morning about 7.30 :), sun pushing through now
  5. Through most of the end of last year and into this one it has been......... WINDY! Sick of it, and more depressing that COVID today :(
  6. Clap Clap Clap Met Office and BBC Weather! Did a brilliant job today.. NOT
  7. No Appoligies either, I'm sure the staff here will say " IT'S A FORECAST, THEY DON'T MAKE THE WEATHER "
  8. Still raining! Hopefully that new super computer of theirs actually works eh? Useless the lot of them!
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