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  1. Felt bloody chilly on the north kent coast today, that nagging wind really dragging the temps down... Last day of it YAY!
  2. Does anyone have a chart for Sunday please as we are doing a Boot Fair run And also hoping to go out for a picnic! So far we are looking towards Monday and Tuesday
  3. Thank you both of you
  4. Agreed, mum is really suffering with this weather, having stage 3 kidney disease is bad enough
  5. Awful cloudy and cold weather for weeks on end, with just an odd warm day here or there. Mum's health is suffering so it needs to warm up :(

    1. Eugene


      Feels very cool today too, brrrrrĀ  :cold:

  6. Maybe but as that wind strengthens there's going to be alot of cloud coming into eastern counties and it will not feel warm at all in that wind, something the east as suffered from throughout the last few years on and off.
  7. Not so, even here the weather was cold and with a lot of high cloud as well, that nagging wind affected alot of areas and more than a minority. Hopefully this upcoming high pressure will be placed in a favourable position for all, as wearing a coat to keep warm is being tedious
  8. I keep reading " Pleasant " weather in the model section, tbh although it's been sunny that wind has been down right chilly in this part of the country. T-shirt weather it is not
  9. Sleet with splodges of snow on the wind screen earlier, during my drive home
  10. How's it looking tonight from Canterbury down to Ashford? As I'll be driving that way tonight and considering not to There's some big hills out towards Lyminge way lol
  11. Yellow warning of snow From: 1800 on Fri 10 February To: 1000 on Sat 11 February Updated 15 minutes ago Snow showers could bring local accumulations of 2-3 cm. Some disruption to transport is possible as well as slippery conditions on roads and pavements.
  12. It's actually better in the short term, better easterly track, more areas further south along the coast having a chance of snow.