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  1. Very much this, radar isn't accurate
  2. Once again the South West gets more snow than us! If I can call this snow
  3. Not really no! It's way over exaggerated! You're barely in the amber anyway
  4. What an absolute farce the forecasts have been today for kent! - Amber warning my **** Goodnight
  5. lol beast one was way better, this is like snizzle!
  6. This snow is naff so far, just lots of light ****
  7. Meh Thames Streamers suck! Poor folkestone didn't get much of a whiff last beast
  8. Arpege looks inaccurate to me, as it was the previous spell. No way would it be that light towards the south east.
  9. Posted : 4 hours ago Isn't using the TV forecast update yet
  10. Highest risk in this cold situation for snowfall is still looking towards East Anglia and South East, South East more especially so. But models are still playing with things moving it north or south! Dry depends on where you are
  11. It's a bit naff, but atleast it's snowing
  12. Several serious accidents have forced the closure of the M20 amid hazardous driving conditions in freezing temperatures. A lorry, a van and four cars have collided on the London bound carriageway between Junction 7 (Maidstone/Detling Hill) and Junction 5 for the A20 for the London Road and Coldharbour Lane at Aylesford. http://www.kentonline.co.uk/maidstone/news/multiple-motorway-crashes-as-drivers-160936/