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  1. Utter garbage here in Chester, has been for the past week. 15c cloudy murk. No summer here
  2. Heating on, living room light on. Welcome to High Summer Britain 2016 style...


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    2. lassie23


      Started raining now, only had one dry day this week.

    3. Dami


      we got our heating on. \o.

    4. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      shorts on, fans on window open, winters 2000+ style

  3. Another day of cold, cloudy, unrelenting dross. Getting me down.
  4. dont want this to become a whiney whingey thread but come on! It's meant to be spring!
  5. It's really starting to get me down now. Another horrible day, and that incessant wind! On the rare occasions (like now) that it has brightened up a bit, it's still too cold with the wind chill to go out without a coat. It felt like a dreary miserable mid november day today. We are stuck in Autumn and not in a good way
  6. Quite heavy at times today. This was a couple of hours ago where I now live, in Moulin. Heavy snow for about 20 minutes is just easing up now
  7. Hi everyone. New location for me so thought I'd drop in and say hello. Currently 7c, moderate rain and dull here in Pitlochry
  8. I'd put £1000 on that veering North East past us...!
  9. Least you've got something interesting to look at. The usual grey, never ending Cheshire dross here.
  10. If you heard distant rumbles you got more than me! Was truly soul destroying how the storms of the other night somehow managed to split east and north.
  11. Cant believe this. I'm still here. One year and counting. Last night/ yesterday was an absolute joke.
  12. Yup. Feel your pain brother. Let's go drown our sorrows in the No Storms Club. Frustrating isn't it
  13. Welcome to our world a bit North of you! Exactly the same. Usual mid level rubbish, muggy, uncomfortable, usual grey skies and of course...NO STORMS
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