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  1. Longest duration storm I can remember here. Still rumbling away after 3 hours and still heavy to torrential rain at times. Have I been lucky enough to be under an MCS for the first time I can remember?
  2. Sun's out now after a five minute torrential downpour and the temperature has suddenly rocketed up
  3. Bloody hell just had a massive CG out of nowhere, car alarms are going off!
  4. Had my headphones on listening to LBC and I could have sworn we just had a rumble near here...but it could have been someone rolling out the wheely bins!
  5. Both Meto and Netweather showing nothing for us here this week in the way of storms. Just the usual cloud and murk, also keeping a lid on the temps. Dull as dishwater today
  6. It's improved a bit from this morning tbh, but not exactly clear blue skies and sunshine here. Got some high level cloud takes the edge of the temps but still pleasantly warm.
  7. Usual Cheshire grotty wall to wall cloud here this morning... And not sure exactly where this "scorching heat" is. Yesterday was much the same until the skies cleared very late on.
  8. Can't see any action on the cards for us here today but fingers crossed anyway. Does seem to be warming up and brightening a bit from a grey rainy start
  9. Utter garbage here in Chester, has been for the past week. 15c cloudy murk. No summer here
  10. Heating on, living room light on. Welcome to High Summer Britain 2016 style...


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    2. lassie23


      Started raining now, only had one dry day this week.

    3. Dami


      we got our heating on. \o.

    4. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      shorts on, fans on window open, winters 2000+ style

  11. dont want this to become a whiney whingey thread but come on! It's meant to be spring!
  12. It's really starting to get me down now. Another horrible day, and that incessant wind! On the rare occasions (like now) that it has brightened up a bit, it's still too cold with the wind chill to go out without a coat. It felt like a dreary miserable mid november day today. We are stuck in Autumn and not in a good way
  13. Cloudwatcher

    Weather 1

    General weather
  14. Hottest day? After a promising start not here it's not. Mid-level muck has moved in as per usual and completely killed off the temperature. Actually feeling a lot cooler than yesterday!

    1. fazer76


      25-27C for mid am is very good going.30C further south.It is going to be the hottest day for a number of years.

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