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  1. Why do i do this to myself!! Every winter, glued to the 4 runs each day... NW mod thread, snow radar. Jumping on the chase for a big dumping of the fluffy white stuff that causes fun for adults and kids with a change of scenery in a cold environment! My bliss!! I feel a little let down by this SSW, i know there has been a slow trop response and it can't be a guaranteed cold but still... why did the EC46 forecasts fail in this so called "easterly" we were supposed to get? Apologies for the rant, just been down the pub in disgust at the northern extent of this system, we were in the "sweet spot" a few days ago... I hope for a pep up in the radar... will be glued to it!!, and the lamppost for the night Hope everyone gets at least a little sprinkling, I'll take that! All the best Chris - Kenilworth, Warwickshire, 98m asl
  2. We have link up of the snow to the north to the snow to the south west on the NW radar making a full band of back edge snow. Currently raining at Birmingham airport, snow incoming with fingers crossed
  3. No, just bumped into ECM down the pub... tonights run will be a amazing then he'll wake up with a headache and a massive downgrade... potentially
  4. Been a lurking for many years, this chace encapsulates me... but learning from experience it's all about trends, it looks like we are on the cusp of a cold spell, how cold? I don't know because I'm inexperienced. Mostly because i have seen patterns change at the last minute... and toys and dummy spat properly out of the pram! Let's hope the trend continues and we are all in the honey pot in a week or so. Keep up the great work Mods and the experienced posters... you know who you are, and i look out for. Let's hope for a memorable cold spell. ❄❄
  5. Looks like i am in the sweet spot between Leamington Spa and Coventry! I'd say a good hour of light to moderate snow! Started already and settling and blowing around. Nice surprise!
  6. Looks like that heavy band around MK is moving NW towards Birmingham... heres hoping
  7. I think that Shannon Entropy bird is having a right laugh up there!! Forecast is mental!!
  8. Looking at this evenings Icon (i have no idea how to insert pic from phone!!) tomorrows event doesnt look great for our region. What is the reliability of this model?
  9. Going by the met app it has upgraded... heavy snow for 2hrs tomorrow lunch time in Kenilworth Maybe they have seen something we haven't... roll on the 18z
  10. We have to hope the 850s are cold enough over the north sea for convective showers to stream west enough for the west mids, and then hope for a northerly correction on the channel low Thursday by my amateur eye! At least we had snow in December! Looks like south of the M4 may do very well... makes a change for them lot!
  11. Looking at the current setup, i think we will be very unlucky not to receive enough snow to hit the hills with sledges! Roll on the pub run for potential further upgrades... if that is possible!!
  12. @Cov87 in reply to your post from the mod thread, at present it looks like the south will get the most of the snow but to be honest, slight adjustments north could occur which will put us in the firing line! Predicting precipitation where and when at this juncture is near on impossible given the current setup #PUSB
  13. Just love your animations The Eagle. Would be great to see all main models animated side by side for each run. Keep up the good work!!
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