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  1. Didn't see that, and with the continual southern shift on the models we could be in the game. I fear though that the uppers and DP will not be playing ball!
  2. South East Birmingham snow shield is in full working order... disappointingly
  3. Current temp here 2.5°C and falling, dew point at -0.5°C
  4. Meto just updated warnings to go further east of our region. As far east as Northamptonshire and Leicester. A slushy cover of 1-3cm below 100m asl... but some areas will not see any. Personally, i think the latter but ice could be an issue
  5. Thats it then, great run... lets bank it!! But peps, its 1 run. No doubt we will all be all awaiting the pub run with baited breath and then wake up in the morning with toys and dummys everywhere! Nice trend to see but more runs needed
  6. I think the Kmnamxinator2000 must be struggling with the Christmas data loss and lack of balloons
  7. NW snow radar may have a blip, Meto now have heavy snow here until 3am. NW radar shows heavy precipitation north west of Birmingham heading south eastwards, very slowly
  8. Meto app says I will have heavy snow from 10pm until 3am, but looking at the NW snow radar I can't see where this is coming from??
  9. Temp in Kenilworth has gone up slightly, 0.3° dew point 0.1° snow is heavy and steady, around 6-7cm on the ground
  10. Just looked at the NW storm radar. No lightening strikes recorded... yet 👍
  11. Woke at 4 this morning... not sure why as I love my bed. Perhaps I love snow more! Quite heavy here now with around an inch, radar shows heavier stuff on the way, just waxing the sledges ready for when the kids get up! Bring it on and enjoy fellow midlanders!
  12. Circle inside the rectangle? Loving the colouring MKN, what does orange mean? Not that I give a dam as I am in the red scribble... and what does red scribble mean?? Sorry, just got back from the pub.
  13. In the game for now, models have been like a yoyo with this "slidergate" scenario, too gar north, too far south, i'll be glad when its at T0z let's hope we all do get a snowmageddon! Was supposed to be going to winter wonderland on Sunday, hope it' our own winter wonderland here!! Sledge wax at the ready!
  14. Storm Brian - Weather discussion

    Glamping in Croyde, North Devon from tomorrow night... the safari tent looks sound, and concreted in... but it's a tent... more worried about flying debris!
  15. Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    For newbies 1knt = 1.151mph so gusts just short of 70mph