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    Not in any particular order, the following: Ornithology, Natural History, Amateur Meteorology, Phenology, Blogging, Varied Research, Reading Books and Music.
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  1. OMG whats feb1991blizzard up to now? A winter thread already. By crikey I thought we had 6 and a bit months before that came along, lol. Please don't show me any more cold charts yet, yuk! Nevertheless I'm a coldie in winter so I know what my wishes will be BUT let's FIRST HAVE SOME HEAT AND SOME THUNDERSTORM ACTION!

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    2. Somerset Squall

      Somerset Squall

      I'm all for some thunderstorms, anything interesting would be good.

    3. NorthNorfolkWeather


      I just want some rain for the garden.....

      Rain at night dry during the day would be just right

    4. Crimson_Sprite


      Deffo right there Somerset-Squall & GottaLove-etc.. I want some STORMS AND SUPER-INSANITY HEAT in the summer and TORRENTIAL SNOW AND COLD in the winter! I forget what its like to have "seasons" since living here. Im sick of it being in the teens outside all the time. I still have my coal fire going at night!