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  1. the trend to a colder spell is firming up across the various outputs, some delay it, some bring it to the nearer timeframe. Whatever, next week is looking very interesting if you like frosts, ice and potentially snow!

    1. Eugene


      dont forget the weekend is looking frosty at night even ikf we dont get continental air off the continent as cold sub 528 dam is coming over us from the northwest

    2. mushymanrob


      the cold weather is still over a week away... ive known it be binned at 72 hours! so dont get your hopes up too much mate... will it get colder? yes, its above average atm... will there be a big freeze/ yes IF the gfs varifies, will the gfs in deep fi varify? unlikely! :p lol

    3. gottolovethisweather


      I'm not fussed whether a big freeze returns but I want a return of the cool and frosty with hope of some snow. If anything I want to see a big freeze for the record books. 2 months well below average would be something! wouldn't it?