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  1. To deduce something from all the usual overanalysis going on in the MOD thread as usual. It should be safe to state that next week will be cold, a lucky few in the North and at elevation are likely to see at least some SNOW. FI, the range beyond which no one NWP output has a clue is approximately t+120 hours. Should you be willing to stick by such principles, you won't be disappointed by what is a progressively wintry spell coming to us in late Autumn. NICE ONE WEATHER GODS!

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      A bit of model analysis rather the general chit chat wouldn't go a miss either. Yes, we run a tight ship but I like many outsiders and your good self I'm sure go in there to learn about the current projected outputs. Entertaining at times I guess but it's sometimes petty point scoring or just nonsense. If I wanted that I could read the newspapers.