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  1. Blown through here now, came through about 10:45 pm, nothing much to it as a few others have stated, looks like its pepping up again as it rushes down the M4 towards London and holding itself together better nearer the South Coast.
  2. Judging by the NW radar, I'm expecting the squall to hit about 11 pm here in Newbury, so may stay up and listen to the gusts and the horizontal rain hitting the windows.
  3. Thanks, that clears that up. I do feel in some circumstances these charts could be misinterpreted as being more extreme than the reality, kind of why I stick with the daily runs and generally ignore them aside from looking at the global picture. Thanks again, @Radiating Dendrite.
  4. This chart, for instance, is one which I'd pull out as an example of what I'm rambling about in my post above. These show overnight 850s rather than daytime, hence they would be much colder at midnight, than midday, given clear skies and other appropriate conditions.
  5. Considering I said this back on the 29th December, I'm happy with how things have panned out, albeit if my thoughts do transpire to that currently forecast which is some blocky HP influence post this unsettled rather stormy period we're currently enduring. The difference by the middle of January will likely be weather fronts attempting to push in from the Atlantic bringing the potential for snow to many locations as they try to push their way through against the cold air in-situ. "By about D10 I anticipate the Atlantic ridging to have a greater effect on our shores eventually bringing some drier weather around before a change to something different once again my the middle of January." A side note, a real novice-y question, but I assume the ECM 0z operational outputs actually refer to the forecast conditions at that hour, ie. the forecast conditions at midnight our time each set of runs, so, therefore, project overnight 850s and the like. Begs the question, do all other charts do the same and also when referencing such charts, we all need to be mindful of this? As I said, I guess I've answered my own doubts here but it, therefore, proves the only way of seeing the model's progression through time is by comparing like with like. 0x with 0z 850s, 12z with 12z etc.
  6. Yuk. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings#?date=2017-12-30&lat=51.401&lon=-1.3216 Roll on the colder wintry interludes during 2018. Happy New Year all.
  7. Two shorter-term dates for the diaries, as the ones to watch (assuming you are in cold snow-loving camp). Wednesday 3rd January Friday 5th January Before that, a fair bit of "everything bar the kitchen sink". Have a great New Year all. By about D10 I anticipate the Atlantic ridging to have a greater effect on our shores eventually bringing some drier weather around before a change to something different once again my the middle of January.
  8. Good news. Ridge/Depression/Ridge and Rain/Sleet/Snow all in the mix alongside some drier spells as we head into 2018 then. Happy with that, as I'm not one to set my targets too high. Despite my doubts, when going off to bed yesterday evening with Air Temperature at 6.5c, we even ended up with a temporary accumulation of snow in Costa Del Newbury, so who knows what might come our way soon.
  9. Meanwhile. Just some light-hearted fun. Want a snow fix?
  10. 10 to 15mm level slushy snow in the end as measured at 9am, slowly melting but no complaints here. Looked a lot more, on the grass and roofs, to be fair but as in my post, any snow is good snow these days.
  11. Pleased as punch. Amazeballs, it's been a long time coming. Sitting at the pc last evening 6.5c, so said no way. Now I have lying snow and a few cm at that. Will have to check the diary to see when that last happened. Others will have been damn unlucky in this region to at least have seen a few flakes. Take care all.
  12. In Costa Del Newbury, these days, any snow is good news. Especially if there are temporary accumulations. Could be two such instances before the turn of the year, that alone is something for coldies like me to celebrate. One mild day before the turn of the year on Saturday is the forecast currently it seems, alongside a few bouts of wintry mixes of rain, sleet or snow. I'll take that with open arms, given the mild dreary dull dank episodes of late, hopefully some brighter skies in between.
  13. A beauty of a post, @Bring Back1962-63 . Mods, please could you perhaps bookmark this as it'll help many people's understandings in my opinion. Which weather charts bring particular weather types to one area and not to others are a most important aspect if you ask me and this post should help that learning process.
  14. With even, Knocker, not knocking the snow chances, let's hope it doesn't go Knockers up. It won't affect Sidney chaps, he'll be roasting his chestnuts on the open fire by then, or me I suspect as literally sit half a mile due South of the M4. Same as last time, then. Snow Joke! Interesting times ahead, whatever. At least, it will be cold.er' than of late, therefore more seasonal and some WILL get snow.