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  1. Steady as she goes, we might get 2mm of rain this month at this rate. More dry weather and potentially milder too, come the beginning of May. Temperature heading into single figures now in Newbury, been on the fall broadly speaking since 12:30.

    1. lassie23


      won't be able to use my new hosepipe:closedeyes:

    2. matt111


      I thought the 6mm I've had here was low. :shok:

  2. One word sums up next week. CONVECTION. After all, it is April. Get your cameras out.
  3. -4c in prone spots tonight, so I take it you're speaking from an urban context there. Certainly some impressive diurnal ranges might be in the offing when the flow backs to the South, eventually.
  4. My last Air Frost was, in fact, 10th February, Eugene. So we did have front-loaded winter when it came to frosts but certainly not the magical white stuff. That never arrived apart from a few flakes, so I guess it'll probably arrive when few would want to see it. The irony of our changed climate.
  5. Observations Of Nature Through The Seasons.

  6. It cirrusly has been fabulous, hasn't it. The birds they've been a singing and I expect to see a few migrant Swallows and a few more incoming warblers nationwide ahead of next week's southerly drift. Nothing but blue skies......
  7. The Weekend wobbles have returned again? Perhaps the GFS is programmed to count contrails these days, plenty of them noticeable today for sure and likewise, tomorrow.
  8. Saw a reference to this incoming frontal system on the BBC just now, no mention of Thunder but did wonder what season we are in? 19 degrees today and an anticipated maximum for tomorrow. Three sunny days and a Thunderstorm, we must have skipped spring and moved straight on to summer.
  9. A D16 chart, yes or no or maybe but to my mind, WHATEVER. Nearer to hand, tonight's ECM shows some wintry potential from around t+120 hours, i.e., 16th March onwards. I'm hopeful for an atypical cooler spell taking hold before the real warmth returns say mid-April or thereabouts. Either way, I trust a dreadfully cold numbing spell aka March 2013 shouldn't be happening anytime soon.
  10. PM me it Polar Bear. I'll second guess at a Song Thrush before I even see your video.
  11. Nice one PB. I hope you're well.
  12. Good to see reports of Thunder elsewhere as ever and luckily for me, I can also report my First thunder day of the year too. Just a moment ago.
  13. Thunder in Newbury, oooeer.

  14. That's why it's called FI. You can chase your favoured weather conditions all you like, but I'm a non-believer in pre-judging each output at such a range, as it should merely be used for trend spotting. When D8-10 or whatever repeats the pattern over consecutive or inter-related runs, i.e., 12z with 12z, then you can have some degree of faith in its judgement. As to my prediction for the start of the first week of March, unsettled particularly so towards the North and West with the finest and mildest weather always favouring the South and SouthWest. Frosts by night limited but possible in the clearer conditions.
  15. See my post last night in response to Summer Sun. As the saying goes, more runs needed, especially true when the models get the weekend wobbles. We'll have more idea by Monday evening's ECM as to where February might end, whether cooler, drier or milder as now and unsettled. I suspect tonight's ECM will revert back to a cooler spell from 23rd onwards for a number of days as it was steadfast in suggesting such a scenario early to midway through this week. I don't watch the GFS anymore so cannot comment on what that expected for next week.