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  1. Yeah i noticed a band of precip over central england on friday on GFS 18Z with suppressed temps, hilarious how people are moaning about downgrades next week and miss this.
  2. Lasting into March Tamara? Would love a proper cold block in March.
  3. I'm surprised there isn't more excitement over GFS 12Z, stellar run with a scandy high/atlantic undercut in FI, yes 850's aren't special but you can get away with much lower 850's in a continental setup.
  4. Well the most tastiest bagel i have ever had, this bagel is not to be messed with.
  5. I can, a scandy high - atlantic battle is the most likely evolution IMO.
  6. Fantastic GFS 00Z upto T+240 hrs, laughable how once we enter low res it completely goes pear shape, that run would definately lead to continental blocking, i think we are looking at a two week cold spell maybe longer.
  7. I think the charts we are are seeing are coming at the right time, next week is February and February traditionally is when the jet quietens down and anticyclones become more dominant, if it was December/most of January its more likely the jet would smash through, it definately feels to me we are entering a quieter drier phase, February on average is one of the driest months of the year.
  8. Yes UKMO 12Z T+144hrs better than GFS 12Z T+144hrs tonight, UKMO doesn't develop the shortwave near greenland like GFS does, lengthier cold spell likely on UKMO.
  9. I get the feeling people are dreading the arctic northerlies and are wanting some lovely warm southerlies, MOD is like a morgue today

    1. MP-R


      Oh no no. I want a warm southerly in winter as much as a cold northerly in summer - I don't!

    2. cheese


      If summer is going to be warm and sunny then bring it on, but if it's like 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 or 2012 then no thanks.

    3. Spikecollie


      Warm please. I had 23c in Languedoc two weeks ago and I want it back. Spring on Spring...

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  10. Much colder at night, remember maxs are very short lived in the winter, it will feel very cold out of the sun.
  11. Looks like the coldest dewpoints since 2013 early next week, some bone chilling nights to look forward to :)

  12. JMA is cannon fodder, don't see too much mention of it when its showing cold but the three big aren't, not sure why its even being brought up, it usually isn't.
  13. Yes GEM is a temperamental model, this morning it was the best model for cold, I wonder if Summer Sun pointed this out, not sure wasn't here. GFS 12Z is great almost throughout for me finishing with anticylonic weather, don't care about temps just want a prolonged dry period.
  14. Great post, Good to see someone happy with this winter, December wasn't bad overall, no persistent bartlett high this winter either.
  15. No there are several runs similar but yes not got major support on the GFS ensembles, wonder if the dreaded MLB high just centred to our west could occur around the 4th onwards.
  16. The best chance people have of waking up to a white blanketed landscape next weekend onwards on a national level is from harsh night frost

    1. lassie23


      high pressure moving in?

    2. Eugene


      No slack LP, check GFS 12Z T+162 hrs for a wonderfully slack chart

  17. You'll be enduring more cold and mainly dry weather in Chelmsford.
  18. Oh My, can't link this chart atm but go and check GFS 12Z T+162 hrs chart, just wonderfully slack in a light northerly flow, would give harsh night frost, fantastic chart for frost fans.
  19. Yeah it seems this winter has had plenty of interest with short milder snaps interspersed with regular cold spells, many times people have written off cold on the charts yet before you know it another cold spell is progged.
  20. Getting bored of people calling this winter c*ap, 1988/1989 was c*ap, this one hasn't been with many frosty periods, go and check charts for Jan 1989 and what c*ap really is

    1. reef


      We've had one day of falling snow, no lying snow and no temp below -1.9C. It hasnt been as mild but its still been rubbish. It might have been better elsewhere but it isnt the same as having it where you are.

    2. gottolovethisweather


      Will be comparing Apples with Oranges come February as last February there was not a SINGLE frost in Newbury, this time around..............ahem, I say ahem! Time will tell but methinks something may well be brewing and it isn't my cup of tea, lol.

    3. Froze were the Days

      Froze were the Days

      In terms of lying/falling snow it hasn't been great but saying that there has been fairly frequent frosts of late and temps in general just above normal. Agreed rubbish winters 88/89, 89/90, 97/98, 98/99, 06/07 all pretty poor.

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  21. Yeah thats how i see it, not sure where people are getting very wet for the south from, thats not what you get from Arctic Northerlies, most people will get beautifully crisp clear blue skies.
  22. In North America yes, here no, no wonder they let you down when you have such high expectations. Models show modified Arctic Maritime Northerlies, max temps for most of england will be 3C to 6C and 0C to -2C mins maybe lower if winds die down.
  23. Well i'm hoping that wind dies down early Feb, when it goes slack temps are much lower at night, friday started off wonderfully cold with no wind.
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