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  1. You're not missing anything Ian with this warm band of drizzly crud with a cooling breeze from the south.
  2. I did warn you a few days back, absolute joke of a heatwave with spots of rain, a poxy 18C here, wore a coat out and it didn't feel too bad.
  3. Not really changeable with HP so close, the fronts mid next week look more nuisance value to me and dying out by the time they reach the SE.
  4. RIP Legendary Pro Wrestler Dusty Rhodes, Died today aged just 69, terrible day

  5. West Midlands could see 24 hours of continuous rainfall from Friday evening to Saturday evening.

    1. Mokidugway


      Funny nw has it dry here in dumbria :0...

    2. PolarWarsaw


      Nice bit of rain to mix with in with the dry is great!

  6. 21C max in mid June in the SE is as run of the mill as 6C max in northern england in mid December.
  7. Anybody else notice the hot settled weather is always in FI and stays there

    1. Eugene


      And Saturday in the northwest

    2. IanR


      saying that, these persistant cool june temps could be classed as interesting to some!! but an annoyance for many

    3. gottolovethisweather


      2nd half of June will see the turnaround in heat-lover's fortunes methinks.

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  8. GFS 12Z forecasting 10C for us on Sunday Joanna.
  9. A shockingly good early summers day in nasty god awful hurricane force northwesterly rubbish.
  10. GFS 12Z has a 1960's summer vibe about it, lots of northerly blocking and winds from a northerly quadrant.
  11. Not looking forward to the cloudy damp easterlies from mid week, nice and sunny until then with the wind dropping, btw to people moaning about temps of 14C to 17C, what do you do in Winter, never go out.
  12. Yeah air quality is good and sun strength high currently, beats stagnant polluted overcast muck anyday.
  13. How do you know, the summer is only 6 days long.
  14. Much cooler fresher feeling by tomorrow though with the risk of some very chilly nights in rural areas of the midlands.
  15. Turned into a very pleasant day here with sunny skies, warm breeze too, not hot though

    1. NUT


      The main colfd front has just cleared through here I think so hopefully a better afternoon to come. Thought it felt quite muggy this morning but fresher now

    2. Eugene


      Yes NUT still quite muggy here not unpleasant though like you get in southerly plumes, fresher air should be making it here to mid Warwickshire by the evening

  16. Only thing drastic has been the downgrade of the prolonged hot spell, next week was looking hot at one stage now it's looking much cooler with a below average CET mean with very chilly nights, now that's what you call drastic.
  17. I can only see it shifting westwards sorry, boring yes but after the windy May/early June i think lots are looking forward to something calmer.
  18. Yeah and a risk of ground frost on many nights next week widely outside large urban areas.
  19. Unbelievably windy today, can't remember the last time the wind was that fierce in June, lots of debris flying about and even a roadsign got blown down. Can't believe how many foolish cyclists i saw on open roads, not safe at all.
  20. What a letdown, back to northwesterlies as early as Saturday

    1. Eugene


      Don't worry be happy moki. ;)

    2. Daniel*


      You must be hallucinating Ilts

    3. Mokidugway


      I'm always happy apart from my black dog days :0...

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  21. GFS 18Z downgrading the plume even further for Friday, looks transient and only a southeast england brief affair.
  22. Most sensible post i've seen, yes i keep my eyes on every single model run available including the minor runs not many take notice of plus ensembles and they were always mixed, the doom is way OTT when summer doesn't start until tomorrow and is notoriously slow to get going in the UK.
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