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  1. Not sure what you expected Summer but today we're in TM southwesterlies not TC southeasterlies.
  2. After yesterdays glorious TC air we are back to TM dross, more TC air tomorrow before more dross next week, Summer 1976 repeat seems a million miles away.
  3. Can't find his post in here but i can't believe he said that with todays uppers, epic fail in his regard.
  4. I must admit as i get older i become less sensitive to heat, didn't feel too bad when i was out earlier.
  5. Very pleasant heat today, really doesn't bother me at all.
  6. Wow what a massive upgrade since i last checked the models tuesday from cool northwesterlies to very hot southeasterlies, thats what makes the UK's weather so exciting, it's unpredictability, notice some already moaning about heat before it's even started.
  7. Yes after a very dry pleasant period it looks like our luck runs out with an unsettled period starting friday as you say, saturday looks ok before more dull wet weather on sunday, next tuesday onwards looks unsettled and breezy with winds turning more westerly by next thursday/friday.
  8. A higher risk of dull wet days though with more moisture in the airstream, GFS 12Z/UKMO 12Z are nothing to shout about regarding any long lasting summer heat.
  9. It seems the central/south midlands and southeast/southern england are enjoying a fine summers day, northwesterlies are great for us.
  10. 17C here and sunny, big improvement on yesterday.
  11. Yeah scarfs and gloves back on for the next two days.
  12. The only thing going bang here on July 4th will be the ex pat americans fireworks.
  13. Very dry summer here so far and starting to become increasingly humid, next week after Monday looks very decent with a potential very warm period with lows stalling to our west pumping up humid air, properly cool and wet June's seem to be a thing of the past for the midlands.
  14. Much improved day after yesterdays cloudfest, very sunny and feeling like your typical mid June Summers day.
  15. Hey, westerly is a cool wind direction in the Summer, ECM 12Z in particular shows this end of next week.
  16. Gorgeous fresh sunny morning, bye bye el desastre

  17. Your'e not trying to deny we were in a tropical airmass this weekend are you? No sunshine will limit 2M temps no matter the air source, check the high dewpoints and high humidity this weekend for the west midlands/south midlands.
  18. Lets not forget we had a tropical airmass move over us from the SE on Friday and then linger over the midlands all weekend, some people are falsely blaming this on polar northerlies when thats not the case, its been humid no matter what the 2M temp says, we have been in >546 dam air all weekend.
  19. Zero hours sunshine this weekend, horribly humid too, tropical airmasses are horrid

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      Do you have an airmass fetish?

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  20. Love how people use 1990 to 2007 as a measuring stick for our climate, one of if not the warmest UK 17 year period on record and only a tiny fraction of time in the earths lifespan, 30C+ is not common at all in the west midlands let alone northern england.
  21. I was joking about the warm band of drizzly crud but guess what thats all i bloody got, terrible terrible day, can't wait for Autumn, had it with these thundery letdowns, summer is so boring with no storms.
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