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  1. And they would be right to going by the form horse this summer, when was the last HP dominance for any length of time, Slack nothingness is the form horse this summer.
  2. Much fresher, drier and brighter today, yes it's the arrival of those nasty WNW'lys.
  3. LOL, where's the heatwave, 15C and rain all day, these southerly plumes are useless, even cool sunny days feel warmer.
  4. When will it ever end, dreadful charts for us who like pleasant cool fresh weather, more high humidity next week with a scandy high and easterlies, trust me you won't see one when you want one for any length of time, so frustrating.
  5. Was in West Oxfordshire today and it rained properly for a few hours, never felt happier to see rain to freshen it up abit.
  6. Well he's been right for me, very dry summer with only a few wet days like today and consistently warm/humid, nothing has gone wrong this summer just peoples too high expectations like last winter which i thought was pretty decent snow excluded.
  7. Hope you're right reef, dying for some autumnal weather now, looks like it's going to be a long wait, October is when we'll see some proper cool weather, charts look very slack and summery, everytime an atlantic low is forecast by the charts it stalls over iceland.
  8. Heard lots today say it's a hot and sunny day even in Manchester.
  9. Hardly noticeable to be honest, still plenty of daylight and light mornings, September is when you really notice it and even then still over 12 hours of light.
  10. Remarkable lack of rain this Summer here, endless warmth and humidity, definately turning into a very good summer, who needs endless 25C+ days, 22C feels roasting in prolonged sunshine.
  11. Same here daz, more of a temperate version with disgustingly humid cloudy weather dominating with mild nights and only the odd wet day.
  12. Three fresher days and thats it, the cool nights were a joy to behold, now back to the monotony of humid nothing weather and people say this country is too cool.
  13. Pretty normal July then and the warmest month of the year so far, been a humid month too.
  14. Exactly yet people getting hung up on early August charts, crazy.
  15. Couldn't agree more Mushy, May especially was glorious, Southeasterlies of June/early July were pleasant but the cloudy TM SW'lys have made me ill, model output shows a wonderfully slack period next weekend with sub 546 dam air aloft with that exceptional air quality you and i like so much.
  16. Lovely fresh sunny day so much better than the muggy damp cloudfest of early week.
  17. Sorry Diagonal i see no sign of any sustained heat for the UK, i see a very cool period coming up to end July with some unusually cool nights, quite unusual to see such a cool pool of air setting up to our northwest in late July, i think August will end up cool before the inevitable warm and dry September, it's obvious this summer will end up nothing special, we've been lucky with the very brief plumes with no prolonged HP spells.
  18. LOL, great post highlighting the hypocrisy of the warmies, +1 like.
  19. Model output must be poor if near average temps are a bingo run.
  20. Yeah this humid murk is beyond tedious, southwesterlies are dreadful at least northwesterlies are fresher though in July the lovely PM northwesterlies are hard to achieve with PM airmasses retreating northwards, roll on September when they start to dominate again to our west. Summer is such a tedious season in more ways than one, at least the Premier League starts in August and things start to pick up.
  21. Warm and humid all week here, no sign of any fresher weather, after a slow start summers are always warm and muggy nowadays.
  22. Wow you must be the only person who mentions winters gloom in mid July, you seem to always bring it up way out of season, it's an eternity until winter's long nights and people don't need to be constantly reminded of it.
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