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  1. LOL... well for once i side with them maybe because it has no support from other models its not worth mentioning i wouldnt of bothered ;)

  2. ECMWF has been poor at times this year and it always comes out with these odd operationals from time to time, seen it do that many times before this year.

  3. LOL, don't like GFS operational, GFS ensembles UKMO fax's, GEM, DWD, then ;)

  4. No low on friday 12Z glyn like the faxes but still convective showers likely.

    Enable your private messages glyn i want to message you :)

  5. lol yes but it could miss you glyn also, hard for the models to predict even four days out but yes could be a very wet day for you.

    One thing is for sure much cooler/fresher nights from mid week and maybe down to single figures for me not you though in the cauldron known as central London ;)

  6. 80F will probably be broken in august or september though maybe not for me though ;)

    Still only a high of 24C this year not even reached 25C yet :O

  7. Still no 80F in england this year glyn :O

  8. Yes i would like Tom P to post on here, his posts are very insightful.

    LOL, retron was absolutely convinced 30C for today, shows you what a warm ramper he is always ramping up warmth... he went bust today though nowhere near 30C in the UK :)

  9. Just post on both boards two glyns are better than one ;)

    Look forward to your posts tonight on here. :)

  10. LOL, you must be licking your lips at GFS 12Z and the 06Z ensembles, good to see you posting on here, have you given up posting on UKWW now?

  11. LOL...check this forecast out glyn, i think he has a warm biase dont you, every month he goes for Hot over the UK it seems. ;)

    lol he said soils too dry for rainfall to be of any use


  12. Yes looking good for you, you need to start posting somewhere glyn, your fanbase demands it ;)

  13. Yes i've seen that on previous GFS runs too, not long now until you get cold pools forming over greenland late august onwards usually.

    On UKWW they are so desperate for heat they have to point it out in central europe

  14. Yeah don't blame you with the way they treated you, you could always post in model discussion on here, much nicer bunch of people on here.

    If you start that blog please send me a link.... i`ll post replies on it :)

  15. Yes i'm sure the 12Z ensembles are very pleasing to you, here's a chart for you to post on UKWW without the offending smilies of course


  16. LOL.... doesn't GFS 12Z extreme FI worry you then. ;)

  17. LOL, yes how comical banning you using them, , when its the slightest bit warm they ramp it up like todays near average temps first time in over 3 weeks for me.

  18. Even the SE misses out of the hot air now just moderate warmth now, you must be happy with developments glyn, keep up the smiling ;)

  19. LOL... blink or you`ll miss it plume on GFS 12Z glyn and only for the SE too, can't see the fuss myself, it's like a cold northerly clipping NE scotland while most stay near average ;)

  20. Very poor GFS 06Z no heatwave at all now temps late teens to early 20`s at best ,maybe a 24C in the far SE corner but thats it, another tease from the runs it seems glyn ;)

  21. Looks like the main plume will be missing us glyn apart from maybe the far SE, looks very wet indeed not good for flood affected areas.

  22. Good GFS 12Z for you glyn, yes a few hot days(probably an outlier) but don't let that ruin the rest of the run for you ;)

  23. LOL...very funny, it's good to dream i guess ;)

    One thing is for sure no 40C in the UK. ;)

  24. Yes just like i said it would be, it's not that great of a run anyway for outside of the Isle of Wight ;)

  25. Also remember the gale force winds last night and today were supposed to be near iceland according to GFS operational runs from earlier this week, so i don't take much notice of op runs i stick to the ensembles and fax charts :)

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