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  1. Yes a beautiful fresh day with excellent air quality, gone is that horrid clammy very poor quality air from the continent, some much needed rainfall for central areas in the week ahead with thankfully no sign of that unhealthy air, GFS very accurate with its temp predictions today, early teens maxs for many, lovely.
  2. Puzzling comment as the May CET average max is only 16C so max temps a few degrees cooler are easily achievable in a cool northerly flow, looks much cooler by Saturday, upto 10C cooler, dewpoints much cooler too.
  3. I think most people would agree with you markyo, 12C isn't cold and very pleasant to most people in strong sunshine.
  4. Great summary, i think May will be disappointing with milder moister air giving localised flooding, at least up until friday its looking better with colder drier air, this impressive Greenland high setup could be the best we have until next Spring, as we all know those unsettled SW'lys are alot more common Nov to March than in April/May when they are at their weakest.
  5. Really looking forward to the lovely Arctic air next week, good weather to be out and about in, even though this week has been fresh and not warm, colder weather is always welcome. A real lack of any warmth this Spring, sorry but 13C/14C max's 4C mins widely isn't warm when the days are as long as August, this would be a cold spell then.
  6. Looks great, nice clear Arctic air and crisp clear skies, will feel lovely in the strong sun, still puzzles me why such charts are frowned upon in April but not January, its not Summer yet then i might understand it, people still want southerlies in October.
  7. GFS 12Z showing maxs (4C to 6C) widely on Saturday, colder than most max's last December, wouldn't be surprised to see some wintriness on higher ground. Quite a turn around from the warmth it was showing just a few days ago.
  8. Well Done the GEM model which never wanted to turn it warmer and drier next weekend, GFS/UKMO 00Z have come on board to a cool unsettled weekend with slack low pressure and cool uppers, looks like a Northerly Blocking April with slow moving low pressure systems over england and temps slightly below average.
  9. Yeah shocking after all the hype, no warmth at all, charts for foreseeable are shocking too, with a massive greenland high forming and the risk of fronts stalling over the midlands, tired of this cool cloudy spring, the meadow near me is still flooded with more rain to come.
  10. LOL, yeah for a day, by April max temps around 12C aren't into the very mild category, actually warmer uppers and cloud cover feel cooler than cooler uppers and sunshine, that ensemble mean chart doesn't show a warm easterly as you say, the following days after the 12th show cooler 850's, easterlies aren't a great wind direction in April.
  11. You should've taken notice of the ECM runs, never wanting any of that warmth and being very consistent in keeping it cooler, lots seem to rave over ECM's accuracy in Winter yet magically ignore it in Spring/Summer.
  12. Yes very pleasing charts ANYWEATHER, i really enjoy a cool fresh feel, today was lovely in the sun, seems the models are confused over the T+72 hrs to T+96 hrs timeframe with warm SE'lys to cooler SW'lys, its interesting to see ECM OP runs never showing this warmer outlook for this weekend, that continues with tonights ECM 12Z.
  13. LOL, As soon as that miserable two week high pressure cell has moved away and we have low pressure in charge we have managed to record our warmest and sunniest day here.
  14. All its brought for many is horrid stagnant dull days, another dull day today, it'll be nice to see the sun again between rain bands, alot more interesting for active weather fans too.
  15. I would like to congratulate the UK Met Office on an accurate forecast since the weekend of March 12th/13th, another dullfest here today and feeling chilly, they were spot on with this cloudy chilly anticyclonic theme for many areas, max temps have only been 10C/11C here on the few sunnier days and lower on the many overcast days.
  16. Yes i agree, its been a massively overrated high pressure spell with temps no better than average and plenty of cloud cover, people saying todays forecast was wrong when in actual fact the forecast was for rather cloudy not completely overcast, no signs of any prolonged warmth just rather cloudy weather with sunny intervals to damp windy atlantic based weather later in the week.
  17. Quite the downgrade from your 16C/17C's this weekend frosty. ....Even with warm uppers it feels really cold today. colder than a sunny arctic northerly, only in the UK.
  18. Yes nothing particularly warm on offer Banbury, feeling cold this morning with fog slow to clear, think many underestimated the coolness of the upcoming week with cool cloudy conditions dominating, looks a cool high not a warm one like in March 2012 with air sourced from polar regions rather than tropical.
  19. 5C downgrade on temps for next weekend on GFS 12, temps look around average with maybe slightly below average temps mid next week as we start to pull in cooler cloudier easterlies, nights and mornings remaining very chilly, hardly what you call decent temps in mid March when mid to late teens are achievable.
  20. lol, yeah it's funny how absent those ramping up mid to late teens in Model Output Discussion earlier this week have been the past few days, there has been a massive downgrade to temps esp at night, if cold temps were downgraded you wouldn't hear the last of it from these same people.
  21. Much cooler than what July would give with the same setup, definately feeling autumnal now and mornings/evenings noticeably cooler, all in all very nice indeed without summers excesses, nice autumnal charts on offer too.
  22. Frosty should start his own company OptiWeather and apply for the contract.
  23. 9 times out of 10 Warwickshire does attrociously especially the middle and southern part of the county.
  24. Hardly noticeable to be honest, still plenty of daylight and light mornings, September is when you really notice it and even then still over 12 hours of light.
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