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  1. So true, find it strange how some feel March 1st means a sudden switch to Spring warmth, March can be a very chilly disturbed month, looks to me like a rather cold unsettled first half to March with temps around average at best.
  2. Yes frosty ECM 12Z is a very encouraging run, we've had a real lack of cold active weather the past few months, tomorrow and next week could deliver some exciting weather esp for northerners, i want to see the jetstream edge further south on future runs and a growing scandy high maybe giving some battleground events.
  3. Thanks Matthew for your very helpful reply. Yes i think the next few winters could deliver more in the way of active wintry weather for us snow starved midlanders/southerners though still ending up near average overall but showing hints of whats to come, think our best chance of a very cold winter will be in the early to mid 20's.
  4. Weak to moderate El Nino would enhance the UK's chances of a colder 2017/18 winter?......And with sun spot activity forecasted to be low from now on surely the run of above average winters for the UK has to end in the next five years or so?
  5. You are far more likely to see winter synoptics in April than in mid winter, Spring in the UK isn't one long warm season, hopefully some cold Springs will stop this notion that Spring is that warm, it really isn't, just the past 30 years run of above average Spring's has skewed people's perceptions, most people don't go looking for cold in August so why should they warmth in February.
  6. To be fair that isn't at all likely in any british winter nationwide even in the 1962/63 winter some places reached just above 0C max temp at times, still very unprofessional of her though.
  7. Big improvement for next week compared to GFS OP's this past weekend which were showing the dreaded high just to our south and mild air dominating, at least this run has a short cold northerly shot mid next week, as Ali says GEFS looking very promising for us cold weather fans.
  8. Yes same here, i hate the clammy feel they bring at least PM airstreams bring alot more interesting weather, more brightness, better cloudscapes and pleasant fresh feel to the weather, thankfully SW'ly's become less likely the further into Spring you get.
  9. I've quite enjoyed this winter, mainly anticyclonic with a lack of rain and very mild weather, some stations have recorded higher than average night frosts. Looking forward to Spring now with a mixture of pleasant warmth, night frosts, wintry showers and some early to mid Spring atlantic storms, Spring in the UK isn't one warm long season some on here think.
  10. Yes nights are definately getting cooler now, models were once showing toasty nighttime temps for mid week and widespread maxs early 30's C, downgraded to just your bog standard mid August warm spell, thats it now i feel for 30C+ outside the SE, here's to a cool Autumn and cold Winter, cold is so much easier to deal with even for those who don't like it.
  11. This has been a very humid Summer, the countryside is the most overgrown i've ever seen it, whats happened is Sub 546 dam airmasses never make it this far south, if you look at Summers in the past you could rely on some decent fresh spells not the downgraded ones us cool weather fans have had to suffer, can't wait for an end to this seemingly endless humidity, its really getting very tiring indeed. On a side note next weeks heat has been massively downgraded esp at night, none of those silly 21C mins.
  12. Looking like many midlanders and southerners are going to miss out on any decent thunderstorms from a hot southerly plume, really makes this unbearable heat rather pointless, Summers are becoming more uneventful, lacking proper extreme swings from very cool spells to very hot thundery spells lasting more than 3 days and merging into one long humid cloudy nothingness.
  13. Some gloriously cool nights next week starting Monday night, a brief cool northwesterly 26th/27th before turning more unsettled, after last night Autumn can't come soon enough.
  14. I'm sick to death of this endless humidity, only a few fresh days so far this Summer, Iceland/Greenland have wonderfully pleasant Summers, not the cloudy humid rubbish we have to endure.
  15. Wow what a letdown this week is for anyone outside the SE, heat/thunderstorms non-existent now for tomorrow outside the SE, just horrible cloudy nothingness, MOD thread has Frosty mainly posting away, thats a big hint the models aren't showing anything out of the ordinary.
  16. Really hoping this week is the warmest spell here this Summer, max temps in the teens are much more comfortable for being out and about in, next week is going to feel heavenly to me and most other people. Can't wait for Autumn and then the best season Winter, even the mildest Winters are alot cooler than this week.
  17. Yes a beautiful fresh day with excellent air quality, gone is that horrid clammy very poor quality air from the continent, some much needed rainfall for central areas in the week ahead with thankfully no sign of that unhealthy air, GFS very accurate with its temp predictions today, early teens maxs for many, lovely.
  18. Puzzling comment as the May CET average max is only 16C so max temps a few degrees cooler are easily achievable in a cool northerly flow, looks much cooler by Saturday, upto 10C cooler, dewpoints much cooler too.
  19. I think most people would agree with you markyo, 12C isn't cold and very pleasant to most people in strong sunshine.
  20. Great summary, i think May will be disappointing with milder moister air giving localised flooding, at least up until friday its looking better with colder drier air, this impressive Greenland high setup could be the best we have until next Spring, as we all know those unsettled SW'lys are alot more common Nov to March than in April/May when they are at their weakest.
  21. Really looking forward to the lovely Arctic air next week, good weather to be out and about in, even though this week has been fresh and not warm, colder weather is always welcome. A real lack of any warmth this Spring, sorry but 13C/14C max's 4C mins widely isn't warm when the days are as long as August, this would be a cold spell then.
  22. Looks great, nice clear Arctic air and crisp clear skies, will feel lovely in the strong sun, still puzzles me why such charts are frowned upon in April but not January, its not Summer yet then i might understand it, people still want southerlies in October.
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