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  1. Well September is alot warmer than May, if you want to go on day length you're right but on 2M temps and humidity no May isn't summer.
  2. Maybe for you Scott but for many as you can see in regional threads they are cloudier than PM airmasses.
  3. Yeah but it was still mainly sub 546 dam HP cells and it was never that humid and dewpoints on the most part were low, we saw a high amount of ground frost at night, day length and sun strength made temps rise to above average values which is only 12C max, it was still colder than your coldest summer months. March was very sunny and did have a higher occurrence of PM airmasses.
  4. Yeah John, its been an extremely sunny Spring , those "rubbish" PM airmasses not so rubbish afterall,.
  5. Yeah i guess we're just unlucky with those clear sunny SW'lys.
  6. Horribly humid this morning, cloudy too, but the charts are fantastic with fresh weather for the foreseeable future. :)

    1. Mokidugway


      Ground soaking wet and it's bloody windy ,Suns out though ...

    2. Eugene


      As winds turned more westerly it's got sunnier here

    3. Scorcher


      I loved being warm for once this morning Eugene, had enough of shivering without the heating on

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  7. LOL, very amusing, Yeah Thursday looks like the only washout day this week.
  8. It's abit early for heatwaves Nick, they are rare in May until months end.
  9. Silva and Aguero are amazing.

    1. weather09


      Good man, Eugene.

    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      Aguero has won me £140, amazing indeed.

    3. weather09


      You should give that £140 to someone more in need of it, Nick.

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  10. Not a bad day, nowhere near as good as true PM Northwesterlies though.
  11. An average CET mean like that won't be reached after May until maybe mid October, shows you how rare very warm weather is even in May.
  12. I love cloudzilla, send the monster my way, the sun is out here like nearly everyday this Spring.
  13. Yes tuesdays southerly plume has been pushed way into europe, ECM 00Z has cyclonic Northwesterlies later in its run which i think will be correct, GFS 00Z seems most optimistic but other runs not so, chasing HP and warmth is a futile task.
  14. Very limited sunshine today and since 4 pm none at all, why oh why do people keep misleading people and saying SW'lys/Southerlies are sunny and as clear as PM northwesterlies, they seem to keep to this false way of thinking ignoring the facts.
  15. Another wet evening, can't remember any last week or the week before

    1. weather09



    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Not much chance of thunder then. Had some decent sunshine and warmer conditions the last few days, and some welcome rain

    3. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      the dirty vile airmass is still here in Preston Land.

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  16. Horribly wet evening, still raining now, more rain today than all of April

    1. weather09


      Indeed, Eugene. Tired of it, to be honest. Where are the wet evenings under Pm setups? Exactly, there are none. Still, no amount of rain's going to upset my countryside stroll...

    2. Daniel*


      I do like a countryside

    3. Mokidugway


      With enough rain the countryside can come to you ..

  17. SW'ly's are never good for anyone actually outside the east/southeast, the heavy rain rain you mention most people in the south will sleep through, it arrives early hours tuesday.
  18. Has your cold cloudy rubbish been replaced by warm cloudy rubbish mapantz?
  19. That can't be right conor, Warm SW'ly's are never murky apparently.
  20. Wow just finished watching Mayweather completely outclass Pacquiao, i'm in awe of how great Mayweather is, Froch was spot on with his assessment

  21. Absolutely fabulous week, dry and sunny mostly with just a few showers earlier in the week, lovely fresh feel and cold nights, air frost rurally locally here, but warming up quick with a strong sun, just gorgeous

    1. Eugene


      As the mild air approaches from the southwest the cloud increases like today

    2. Eugene


      People out in shorts yesterday mapantz so most people are enjoying this fine spell of weather, its bene very sunny here and up north, you southerners must have a shield for good weather or something<lol

    3. Mapantz


      Like i said, it was far better during the warm spell the week before. Overcast and 11°C the past few days, doesn't cut it for me.

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  22. I find it hard to believe you haven't recorded an air frost in May unless you are high up which you must be, local river valleys around here get very cold in the Spring, air frosts in May are very common in river valleys in the midlands.
  23. Please these nasty northerlies go away i can't take anymore clear blue skies and people out enjoying themselves, roll on those lovely mild dull wet southwesterlies. ;)

    1. Captain Shortwave

      Captain Shortwave

      thick low cloud all day, welcome to northerlies in the east, now to enjoy the next two days where no showers are being forecast.

    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Dull wet southwesterlies are hardly the only alternative

    3. Bottesford


      Spring northerlies can be good yes - often very clean & cloud free (unlike from summer onwards when they're just cloudy & cold).

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