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  1. In high summer yes but not early June which is the coolest part of summer on average, they are very decent temps if they come off.
  2. Been really nice since tuesday with lengthy sunny spells, much needed rainfall this morning but back to prolonged sunshine this afternoon

    1. Winter Cold

      Winter Cold

      was great listening to the rain this morning. much needed as you say, not had heavy proper rain for ages. Lovely blue sky this afternoon. Very windy though!

    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      rain sucks! had enough in north midlands

    3. Somerset Squall

      Somerset Squall

      Yes, yesterday was a day of amazing constrast. Torrential rain and flash flooding in the morning, very sunny in the afternoon :)

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  3. Wow those temps have been downgraded by around 10C on GFS 12Z.
  4. To clear space for Christmas presents for sale in July no doubt whilst we're sizzling in big bang theory.
  5. Why are people obsessed with reaching 20C, you can enjoy the weather without hitting such heights, it's been nowhere near as bad as many say, 119% sunshine figures here for week starting May 10th don't lie, it will very interesting to see the CET sunshine figures for this May, last few days sunshine figures won't help though.
  6. LOL, is that it then, i haven't had any rain yet, oh btw conor it's not your classic cold front, most of today will be mild and cloudy until this evening, much cooler tonight.
  7. May is never cold nowadays so this month has been good for above average sunshine here until friday of course which will damage those figures. I must be the only one to like a nice cool breeze on here, i find it so refreshing when outside being active.
  8. Very misleading comment mushy, GFS 00Z FI shows a continental LP setup developing for western europe with pulses of heavy thundery rainfall and lots of cloudcover in the east especially, on it's own anyway.
  9. More like overestimate rainfall from the west, actually monday morning was supposed to be wet and it cleared by the afternoon, models forecasted that well unlike the previous thursday which wasn't as wet as expected in the west midlands. Not expecting much rainfall here today, looks a very weak front.
  10. Horrible grey stagnant mild airmass, absolute filth, bring back the lovely sunny fresh weather of most of May.
  11. Looks very normal to me, proper sustained summery weather doesn't often start until mid July onwards anyway, early July is usually unsettled before the jet moves north allowing the azores high to push over us from mid July, temps perfectly acceptable in the next week.
  12. Sunshine amounts were 119% here last week with below average temps, not cloudy at all like some say, they are official weather station figures too.
  13. Because TM airmasses are generally cloudy, better hope for cooler sunnier airmasses.
  14. Lovely sunny TM airmass today, the blue skies are so vivid.

    1. Eugene


      They're usually sunny with interesting convective showers weather09, don't tell me you find dull skies with sunny breaks lasting 10 mins or so interesting, wheres the interesting weather today, its just unpleasant nothingness

    2. weather09


      Went for a stroll earlier and can assure you it didn't feel like unpleasant nothingness to me. Warmth, sunshine, birds singing, people relaxing and feeling content. Whether AM or PM, life can be good under TM. :O)

    3. Mokidugway


      I went for a walk earlier and got torn apart by extreme drizzle ,not nice :(..

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  15. Very pleasant day with no showers and nice sunny breaks, better build an ark i think for the early June monsoon.
  16. GFS 12Z is absolute shocking in FI, with southerly sourced localised flooding, lets hope it reverts to a drier pattern.
  17. After a brief ridge it looks like back to NW'ly regime, more fresh lively weather to look forward to.
  18. I've really enjoyed the past few days, much needed persistent rainfall yesterday morning clearing to sunshine, very lively today with some hail showers and no SW'ly/Southerly in sight, southerlies hardy deliver the frequency of convective showers like today, stunning day

    1. Mokidugway


      The way it's going I doubt we will see another !!.

    2. Eugene


      Yeah they suck Scott, promises much but fails to deliver all the time, no will see less shower activity in the midlands ilovethesnow, thinking about changing my name to ihatesouthwesterlyrubbish<lol

    3. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      eug, i dont mind SW winds now, they suck from Dec to early Mar, here it tends to be drier and warmer with SW winds from may

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  19. Where's all this cold and grey weather, today is another sunny warm feeling day like 99% of the time this Spring, how can anybody seriously complain

    1. AIRMET


      He's a wind up merchant!

    2. Backtrack


      Deserves to be banned.

    3. Mokidugway


      Not on about me then ...

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  20. Tomorrows rain is being pushed further south on each run, at this rate the midlands might only see a brief spell of heavy rain.

    1. Mokidugway


      Maybe that far south to cool seville down :)..

  21. Yes mushy it looks lovely and as you say the sun is very strong so will override any cool airmass, not sure where the cold and grey came from.
  22. Looks showery next week and temps will respond in any sunny breaks, low teens is perfectly fine to most people.
  23. When was the last time Autumn started on Aug 7th, it doesn't even start on Sept 7th nowadays. Thats a massive flaw in your argument and something you conveniently omitted from your OP.
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