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  1. [quote]There is one person who has been very quiet and that is Ian Brown. For the last few years, he has bombarded the forums with his modern winter, modern "era" theories etc and has been on the record saying that even a 1995-96 may not be achievable anymore. How on earth is he going to explain this? It was obvious to me even if there is a trend in one direction there were too many variables and random elememts to dismiss possibilities. Why Ian could not see this is beyond me.

    His theory is in tatters, his benchmarks surpassed. This winter has been absolute disaster for him as he says he has written a book ironically called "At least it will be mild".[/quote]

    Yes what an absolute disaster for him and his small legion of fans, what was laughable was how he stuck to his mild rhetoric even in February after the persistent wintry weather we had gone through in December and January, it was pretty disastrous for the UKMO as well, i feel the last few years poor seasonal forecasting by them has in part lead to them abandoning doing anymore seasonal forecasts, they are much better doing weekly/monthly forecasts.

    Another point worth bringing up are the unrealistically high expectations alot of posters have regarding our climate, it seems the coldest UK winter in over 30 years, the coldest scottish and N ireland winter in almost 50 years and a very cold start to March isn't enough to stop them throwing their toys out of their pram.

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