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  1. Not looking as mild as the mildies were hoping for. Not sure why they thought record breaking temps were in order this weekend with an anticyclonic centred to our northeast keeping central, southern, eastern areas pretty cool esp at night. With days as short as they are you need an anticyclone centred over France for near record breaking widespread temps.
  2. Well it's felt very autumnal since Sept 1st, where's all this Summer warmth, felt really chilly past few days. September is not a Summer month, the weather this week and next proves that, the first cool weather since May.
  3. Tomorrow the fresh air finally arrives. This summer has been one horrible warm, muggy cloudfest with not much difference in day and night temps. I absolutely can not wait for Autumn to see some interesting variations at last and hopefully more sun. The best 9 months are to come, YAY!!!!
  4. Looking like we could be pulling in some fresher air from next weekend, today has been horribly humid. Can't wait for fresher air. Nice to see a Greenland high setup, the further into August we go into September we should see PM air become more prevalent to our northwest. Hopefully tapping into some of it come September, September can see the first proper cool days.
  5. Posters in Model Discussion living on a different planet to the rest of us it seems, pretty bog standard Summer so far with one widespread hot day, Been overcast all week here, turning unsettled later this week. Feels like true Summer is slowly ebbing away, mid August onwards 30C+ is very hard to achieve away from the SE. Time is ticking.
  6. Where's the cool weather, 17C here today, hardly cool. Near average for early June. Not much rain either. Dewpoints pretty decent too and feeling rather humid.
  7. Nice to see an unbiased look at the upcoming possibilities. Great post.
  8. I despise high pressure mid April onwards as it brings very boring weather like we have currently, roll on unsettled weather wed onwards with some convection hopefully, shows you how warm our climate has become though when 15C will feel cool in just bleedin' April.
  9. Yes and no warmth on the GEM 12Z either with a chilly easterly feed developing, think models are now moving towards this theme, orientation of the strong scandy high looks favourable for a chilly easterly developing, rarely warm this early in the Spring.
  10. It'll be the same hideousness i'm afraid.
  11. Great post, 3C to 5C max's for most is what we're looking at, just below average and nothing out of the ordinary for mid to late January. It will mainly be sunny and dry for most.
  12. Looks to be a very mild first half to winter, yes the second half will be cooler but that's not exactly difficult with how mild it's been. Of course strength of sun comes into play as we enter Feb so it won't feel that cold anyway unless it's cloudy or we pull in really cold continental uppers which is looking unlikely. To me the peak period for winter is late November to late January when the days are at their shortest even then it's felt very pleasant in calm sunny conditions on the rare days it's been sunny. Been out in the countryside alot past month and the amount of insects i've seen is incredible. All enjoying the very mild conditions, you really notice how warm it's been this winter when being active.
  13. Well our Summers are definitely turning more continental like, when was the last truly cool UK summer? Think you have to go back all the way to 1987. The 80's were alot cooler than now and Winters alot more interesting. Even getting cold setups doesn't guarantee you proper cold anymore, the cold pooling just isn't as deep as it once was. All our seasons are getting warmer than normal now, we haven't had a cold Spring in along time either. This winter has been absolutely dreadful, seen many people out in t-shirts it's been that mild. At least things are cooling down now with colder air entering our slug high, only to what you should be getting though, nothing out of the ordinary and the form horse is a slow sinker.
  14. Charts are bleedin' awful but oh so familiar. Once this euro slug is out the way it's back to square one, a flat Atlantic dominated pattern.
  15. Happy with how my winter forecast is going, zonal December with limited cold. January should see the storms really revving up with a very active Atlantic. As ever we'll be looking for backend of winter cold in February. All in all very disappointing winter ahead for cold weather fans, next summer will be another scorcher as high pressure rules the roost again. Tbh the UK weather is very predictable and easy to predict now.
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