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  1. Real chill in the air a precursor to next week, ECM 00Z is fantastic, a chance of daytime hoar frost with stagnant conditions after the initial arctic blast :)

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    2. Eugene


      Before 23rd maybe but 23rd/24th it would be rain away from high ground in the north

    3. Captain Shortwave

      Captain Shortwave

      I would say a little better than that, snow to low levels in the north, knife edge in the south, a 100 feet or so would put you in the snow zone, at least for a 24-48 hour window.

    4. Eugene


      Yes evaporative cooling might come into effect if preciptation is heavy enough still think low level midlands/south won't get much once the uppers start mixing out, sleety rain to low levels down here definitely, best chance is Wed to Friday with a risk of snow showers, will they settle though, not bothered just will nice to see something wintry :)