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  1. Would the cold front hurry up and clear england, this mild muck is depressing

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    2. Eugene


      Too much cloud around bottie here on some of those days, some sunshine yes but still dirty looking clouds around, with polar air the sky is crystal clear and if there are any clouds more photogenic than in TM setups, cold front moving through here with some very lively showers, not long now :)

    3. Eugene


      Yes not everyone wants uncomfortable humidity, lots like that crisp feeling t the air, I feel more healthier in crisp airmasses, humid airmasses make me feel ill

    4. Bottesford


      A humid 25c I can understand can be hard work - but 19-20c? Makes the air soft and livable. Today we returned to a stuffy windows closed office. Recycled CO2 all round!

      But yes crisp can be nice - but it must be clear skies for that to apply.

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