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  1. Tomorrow and monday look gorgeous esp monday with lovely clear PM air

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    2. Eugene


      Yes Mapantz its only miserable *here* today and will only brighten up *here* tomorrow, only *here* will have sunshine and showers on Monday and only *here* had a cold March, only *here* will enjoy this Christmas and only *here* is looking forward to some wintry weather, sorry for the confusion

    3. Eugene


      Seems you want it to be cloudy tomorrow Mapantz, how strange yet you said it was lovely yesterday is that because the cooler fresher air might bring some brighter weather

    4. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      I'm sure it varies.. the west will be more prone to low cloud/drizzle in TM air, where as the east and sheltered by high ground may more often be some warm sunshine.. so people there may like TM air more..

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