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  1. Gotta say i've enjoyed today, some much needed rainfall overnight/this morning until 1 pm and now brightening up, the rain was mostly moderate and with no wind it felt very nice indeed, lovely fresh feel too, whats not to like, even the fleece is enjoying himself ;)

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    2. Eugene


      The ground is still rock hard though, sun out now and still has enough strength to quickly evaporate moisture in the ground

    3. Eugene


      Upto 17C now, what would be called a heatwave in winter is a cool feeling day out of the sun in early September :)

    4. Milhouse


      Wel it was great to start with with a lovely crisp and sunny start with a little mist. But after than it clouded over and after a recent shower it has now turned rather chilly. Definately a day that has deteriorated after a good start.

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