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  1. Even with the 564 dam line through the southeast corner it still gives a very cool morning rurally(lower single figures in parts), doesnt feel like summer anymore before 9 am :)

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    2. Eugene


      LOL yeah you believe FI when the models are not in agreement at all, some of you are just unbelievable you just cant take someone reporting its a cool night in their area and in the west/northwest midlands, nothing depressing about that at all, get a life won't don't you

    3. Scorcher


      Eugene I think you exaggerate about the rural figures, there are plenty of stations out there in the countryside or in semi rural areas. Manchester Airport for example only got down to 11C last night- it's basically at the north end of the Cheshire plain. In any case there are plenty of cool nights/mornings in mid summer- I've mentioned July 2006 before when there were temps down in single figures at the start of the mid-month hot spell

    4. Captain Shortwave

      Captain Shortwave

      exactly scorcher, also looks like someone deliberately misinterpreted my comment, wasn't the next week or so supposed to be unsettled just 24 hours ago. Oh wait :p

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