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  1. A boring slow bank holiday weekend and the weather is boring too and people moan winter is boring, well its alot more exciting than this weekend thats for sure. i think the kids are bored also and actually dying to go back to school and the parents are even more keen on them going back too :)

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    2. Scorcher


      Come on Eugene, kids barely even think about the weather- as a young kid all I wanted to know was that it was dry and dry was good as it meant I could play out. Dry and sunny was even better. Dry and sunny allows a lot more options for virtually anyone than a boring, drab day like yesterday!

    3. Milhouse


      Plenty of opportunity for more 'exciting' conditions in the next 6 months like storms and snow. But its still summer and i dont want low pressure, strong winds and rain whilst the daylight hours are still long.

    4. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Yesterday sunny intervals/sunny and quite windy, today sunny start, then cloudy then sunny, tomorrow looks warm up to 25C and sunny, but maybe some heavy showers breaking out later. I've known many winter spells more boring than this.. the solar energy tends to mix the air more in summer (AC gloom less likely) plus there's more daylight to see weather with. :)

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