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  1. Loving these cool nights, very autumnal, in the countryside with a heavy dew and dense mist, lovely :)

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    2. Scorcher


      Some people are overlooking air temperature here, it doesn't have to be in the high 20s for it to be muggy! Usually opening the windows at night does help in this country

    3. Radiating Dendrite

      Radiating Dendrite

      Perhaps. For me there has to be a difference of at least 5/6c between inside and outside to feel the benefits of having the window open.

    4. Bottesford


      I don't open windows just to cool things but to get fresh air in. Recycled CO2 and stuffy airless rooms (along with the headaches they produce) is the domain of winter! It's the oxygen and outdoor smells I want in not the cold.

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