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  1. Anybody else really bored of this summer now and am looking forward to the autumn months?

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    2. IanR


      to be honest I an getting bored of all the seaons in the uk past few years, no proper gales in autumn , hardley any storms in summer generaly, a bit of stagnent cold in winter YUK , and boring non descript summers, lets hope july's heatwave and the upcoming 'indian' summer is a precursor to the climate resetting itself to the ninties type ,where there was a bit of interest

    3. cheese


      Point taken - but it would still be possible to grow crops. As much as previously? Maybe not, but it wouldn't be the end of the UK agricultural industry, especially since our 'cold' winters aren't even that cold. If our winters, by chance, did get colder in the long-term, then we couldn't just allow everything to go to ruin. We would have to cope somehow. And besides, some crops *do* benefit from the colder spring weather, such as apples.

    4. cheese


      ..so a cold spring isn't entirely without its positives.

      @Stormmad - it was mostly a joke, but as I said, there is some semblance of truth. Animals would have to adapt, or they will die. I wouldn't want to see any of our species die off though, but I love cold winter weather.

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