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  1. Just over a day away from August, like February probably the best month of the season and we start to see more variety, can get summer heat and a more autumn feel especially the second half

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    2. Milhouse


      August has a higher daytime max than June which i prefer. But the colours and smells of June outweigh those of August.

    3. Eugene


      I prefer the longer nights in August, too much daylight in June just like too much darkness in December, I think sunsets and sunrises look better in August too and the countryside starts to get a different feel to it in the early morning and evenings especially the second half, daylight hours are the same as mid April to Mid May, another great time of year

    4. Bottesford


      June just wins because you have more summer ahead. August is good for harvests in the garden though although things start to look tired nearer the end.

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