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  1. With North Sea temperature anomalies like this i wouldnt be hoping for an easterly - http://www.ospo.noaa.gov/data/sst/anomaly/2013/anomnight.4.18.2013.gif

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    2. Eugene


      Yes west is best but easterlies even when the north sea isn't showing anomalies in April aren't much cop for northern/eastern/central areas in late April/early May.

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Areas further west could still get warm though

      I won't be hoping for a southerly here with SST anomalies like this in Lyme Bay: http://ghrsst-pp.metoffice.com/pages/latest_analysis/sst_monitor/ostia/anom_plot.html?i=34&j=2

      nice day today but 3C cooler than yesterday (11c peak) thanks to light onshore breeze, why can't we get these anomalies going into winter not when we are heading towards summer lol

    4. I Cumbria Marra I

      I Cumbria Marra I

      aye give us a chance to catch some warm weather i say, hasn't even been over 11c this year.