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  1. More snow overnight and its still snowing now,the cotswolds really got hit overnight, classic cold spell for the SW midlands

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    2. Eugene


      Thanks SI, yes you are completely right its been very similar to 80's cold and snowy spells, real winter wonderland in high areas of the south midlands, going for a walk tomorrow thursday in the cotswolds before its gone by saturday, just a shame where you live didn't join in but it could be a reversal of fortunes next time

    3. UV-RAY


      The 80's cold spells were the same Eugene, unfortunately in this part of the world we need a bit more luck than most. A greeny high is good for us, but hat appears unlikely at this moment in time. Enjoy the last few days of snow, it's a pity it as to end for those who've got a good covering.

    4. karyo


      Yes Eugene, glad you are enjoying the snow. For us here, it's been a strange cold spell. Some snow fell but accumulations were small and temporary due to the underwelming temperatures. I've only recorded 2 frosts in the last 2 weeks! I am praying for a northwesterly in February but I fear it may happen while I will be away for a week!

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