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  1. Looks like the models are moving towards GFS today, chilly but wet, sorry but that is a big downgrade from what was showing just a few days ago, way too risky relying on LP systems to track enough south, would much rather have a much more stable HP cell to our northeast or over us, lows get pushed further north the nearer we get, seen it so many times and after all the flooding this winter that is bad bad news what the models are evolving into tonight

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    2. Eugene


      The truth probably is the model runs are all moving towards the middle ground, GFS downgrading its very mild and the euros downgrading their very cold so we are left with rather cold weather but with the risk of frontal systems edging into england and wales mid next week, really need a stable HP cell to form and push the atlantic backwards or that snow initially will quickly turn to rain and thats the last thing we need

    3. DisruptiveGust


      Yup pretty deflating outputs given some of the epic charts we were looking at a few days ago with mega heights taking over the NH, not terrible though! Wonder what the ECM will pull out of the hat?!

    4. Eugene


      A great run, so funny seeing ian brown try to outguess it and get it so wrong<LOL

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