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  1. Fantastic day out walking in south warwickshire/north oxfordshire area near Edge Hill, ice day and a penetrating hoar frost making it look like it has snowed, countryside looks beautiful in this kind of weather, mud and puddles completely frozen rock solid, not looking forward to it all melting ,it will be just horrendous with more rain to add to it.

    1. gottolovethisweather


      Indeed, as I said in another status update, it is heart warming stuff. Yes, it can also be dangerous and too much cold makes our heating bills extortionately higher but sometimes us humans shoudl live a little and cherish nature for all its worth.

    2. Eugene


      Quite poetic there gottolovethisweather :), your comment is very heart warming :), yes i advise anyone feeling down by everyday life to go out for a walk in the beautiful british countryside whatever time of year as it's very uplifting, Spring is probably best for most people, light evenings and not too warm or too cold

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