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  1. Coventry is in the SE according to some, gets the map out folks ;)

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    2. Eugene


      The -8C uppers MIGHT bring wintry weather, a week away i dont think anybody can be sure, sorry but if the models are correct 1 to 2 day topplers dont do anything for me at all, the wintry nature will be more like fleeting heavy cold rain with some wintry mixed in for the majority of the UK, at least the recent cold spell gave some temps of -15C at night and bitter dewpoints, that is what i look for and some stability to the cold spell so i can plan walks, 1 to 2 day topplers are very hard to...

    3. Eugene


      ECM 12Z will only deliver heavy snowfall to northern scotland and be completely gone down to lower routesd a few days later, at least recently a big part of settled SE england and the midlands enjoyed winter weather for more than a few days, not many people live high up in northern scotland, i guess they might enjoy it but they better not blink|<LOL

    4. Eugene


      Hopefully the mild weather with northerly topplers will be short and we can get back to some prolonged continental cold, a few pertubations bring this for late feb, window is getting shorter though as march the storms start to pick up then