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  1. Couldn't agree more, been a very pleasant past 6 months upto Wednesday then 3 sleepless nights with a horrid reminder of how uncomfortable high humidity can be, thankfully this kind of heat is very rare for the midlands this early and isn't usually reached until mid June onwards. May can be the last pleasant month until October, hopefully a northerly dominated May is on the cards.
  2. The series of boring summers continue, no thundery showers at all, just like i predicted a tedious humid nothingness with no temperature swings, it seems fresh summer weather is now almost impossible to achieve for longer than a day or two in southern britain now. Don't check the model output anymore as they're useless beyond 3 to 5 days, if any lovely fresh weather is forecasted you can be sure it'll be downgraded and another tedious hot dry period appears, can someone private message me please when autumn is here, i cant be bothered to check anymore, thanks.
  3. Nice UKMO 12Z showing much cooler air by thursday, hopefully this ghastly weather is the last this summer, everyone is sick to death of this heat, last winter was tons more pleasureable, a repeat for next winter will do me just fine.
  4. Really liking the look of the models with a fresher regime taking over from Saturday, it'll be nice to get things done outside in a fresh westerly breeze, its summer tomorrow and uppers will never be that cold from now on esp after mid June, some doom mongers whenever they see LP think it means rain all day and cold temps, temps still very useable and not a washout, the warm sectors are what brings high rainfall totals more than cool air.
  5. Sick to death of this high humidity, you would think looking at the weather today as its damp and overcast it wouldn't be too bad but no its the most unpleasantly humid day of this spell, this island has to have the most unpleasant warmth of any country on such a high latitude, dry heat is miles more comfortable. The fresher weather can't come soon enough.
  6. Lets not forget @Tamarasaid we might have to see two to three weeks of disappointing weather before we see a marked improvement.
  7. Yes a long way away and an extreme of what could happen but the building blocks for some disappointing weather in late May start this weekend with stalling LP and HP building to our north, looks pretty cool from this friday.
  8. GFS 12Z not what you want to see over the late May bank holiday weekend that's for sure, northerly winds and LP from the SW engaging that very cool air with single figure max's in northern uk.
  9. Down here in the south midlands it was a very humid summer almost throughout, the countryside was more overgrown than ever, this summer could beat even last summers high humidity/growth.
  10. Ummm very interestingly Gavin P's best analogue for this Summer is 1957's which had a very good first half followed by a poor second half, a summer of two halves, i think this summer will be similar but the halves could be reversed.
  11. Great post, exactly long range models as well as ensembles for just 10 days ahead find it difficult to pick up small scale features for the UK, there is an over reliance of basing expectations on long range models for our small patch of the northern hemisphere.
  12. Not much change on the models for the upcoming week, tuesday looks the warmest day with 23C/24C possible in the SE, cooler/unsettled further northwest though, thereafter a cooling trend with temps back into the teens with scattered showers though with a risk of a pulse of heavy rain moving into Central/SE England on Wednesday afternoon. Next weekend onwards we have the ominous looking slow moving/stalling low pressure system, high pressure to our northwest/northeast pattern, a pattern very hard to get out of.
  13. Summer 2007 Poor, Summer 2012 Poor, Summer 2017....??? You get the picture.
  14. GFS 12Z only showing highs of 16C/17C for tuesday in the midlands with a band of heavy rain moving in, this tropical air is just bringing in lots of damp cloudy weather, roll on the fresher clearer conditions later next week.