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  1. Exactly, hasn't felt cold at all since April\May, one of the most consistently humid June to September periods in living memory. Should be a have you turned your air con off yet thread instead.
  2. Nope, appreciate the cold and snow more the older i get, really enjoyed last winter.
  3. Hope GFS is correct on some polar maritime shots next few weeks, it's been a very tiring past 3 and a half months, no heat likely now until next Summer, Oct to May best time of year by far.
  4. Looks like finally fresher air is on the way at long last.
  5. Still very humid, there's hardly been any fresher weather this Summer, nice cool fresh weather in Summer is becoming rarer by the year, even synoptics that use to bring cooler 850's our way isn't anymore. Warmer tropical airmasses are dominating more of the north atlantic than ever before during Summer months.
  6. Sunny speIls and temps around 20C, how will i cope.
  7. Definitely feeling an Autumn vibe tonight for the first time this Summer, Autumn/Winter will be here before you know it.
  8. Think the heat seekers on weather forums work from home or offices in air conned rooms, most people off here would agree with you.
  9. It hasn't felt like October since May, June is turning out to be a warm and humid month.
  10. Exactly and these people are the first to complain when its 17C in Summer saying how cold it is. They need to toughen up.
  11. Think you mean those in northern britain will wonder what all the fuss is, midlands forecasted to be 23C/24C tomorrow and getting warmer there by mid week.
  12. What do you expect living in dreary Glasgow, bit like someone moaning in the english riviera about nights not having severe frosts in winter.
  13. The mildies got their wish and a few weeks ago were celebrating the warmer 850 hPa temp profile this May, it's coming back to haunt them now with all the crap wet weather, hard to feel any sympathy for them.
  14. Nice to extensive northerly blocking showing up on the models, drier and feeling cool with more in the way of sunshine than this dire week.
  15. What a horrid week, dull and dreary most of the time with the odd shower, April's prolonged sunshine was miles better, lots of people were out enjoying themselves in that, much quieter this week.
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